Data visualization: dead or alive?

This session is facilitated by Sonia Jalfin

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About this session

Exploit and explore! We will exploit a huge balloon full of possible challenges for the future of data visualization and then explore them to find creative solutions. There will be a brief introduction, then we will exploit the balloon and finish with a round of brain-writing.

The activity is built on design thinking techniques.

Goals of this session

We will decide together how data visualization should evolve to be useful and to survive (and to help data literacy spread!)

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Hi all,

It seems like ages ago, right? But it’s been only 3 weeks since we exploded a balloon full of possibilities for the future of dataviz.

Thank you so much for showing up at the session. It seems we were 85! One of the most popular sessions in the festival. I think it is because dataviz is such a powerful magnet :slight_smile: :magnet:

Anyway, here are some photos of us together and some of the wonderful sketches and ideas we shared.

Hope to see you soon around the world.
Let’s keep in touch!

If you haven’t been at the Moz Fest, here is another talk I gave on the future of dataviz (in Spanish with English subtitles).

Do contact me to go on thinking together about the future of dataviz at @soniajalfin and @sociopublico on Twitter.