Digital Twin How to?

Hello Everyone,
can anyone please point me out to docs or example of how to deploy a digital twin of the gateway or things to another server/vm?


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I am not sure how to accomplish this myself, but I thought I’d include a link to the WoT documentation for Digital Twins in case anyone was interested.

That’s exactly where i landed during my search but didn’t want to jump into it until i ask if someone had started doing this already.

I am not sure if my line of thinking is correct but here’s what I thought when I first read that page.

I thought of a Digital Twin to be what an adapter accomplishes between the Gateway and the device. For example, take the tplink-adapter and the TPlink Kasa Smart Plug with its proprietary API. The adapter represents the device to the gateway which we can interact with using the browser. Essential it’s a proxy of the device, represented as a WoT device, to the Gateway.

Not sure if this is the correct way to think of it, if anyone has an explanation I’d like to hear it.

Depends what is your definition of digital twin :slight_smile: and deploying.

If curious you’ll find some experiments:

I was basing my definition on the WoT Architecture links I posted above.

The link sadly returns a 404 : (

ok, yes I was more into representing objects in 3d space than shadowing them

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i still haven’t found any real documentation on how to accomplish this effectively, similar to a way Azure IoT Hub and Amazon Digital shadow works…
i might just revert to a micro service option trough web-sockets subscription with the gateway… not sure if that would the most effective way but for now that’s all i can thing of… if anyone can help please shed some light…