Enterprise Extensions

Can enterprise extensions be uploaded to the Firefox store? This type of extension (sometimes known as “internal” or “private” or “for business”) would need to be searchable in the extension store by employees of that enterprise only. I cannot find any documentation on that form of distribution. It exists for the Chrome Store and the MS Edge Extensions Store, so I assumed Firefox would have the ability as well.

Currently, no, you’ll need to self-publish it on your intranet or other relevant location.

How do you “self-publish on your intranet”?

Sorry, should have given you this link before:

Thank you for the doc! Do you mean that I’ll need to post the zip itself on an internal site – and it would not be listed as an extension in AMO?

You’d get a signed version of the XPI from AMO that is not listed on AMO. That version you’d distribute yourself (including potential auto updating).

OK, I think I understand now – it’s just not the answer I was hoping for and a very different process than what I was expecting :frowning:

Thanks for all the help!