Environment for adapter development

(Lg Lindstrom) #21

Yeah, you can be correct in that…

I am really a “newbe” at this, and struggling both with the environment as well as understanding your code.
I was hoping to be able to set breakpoints and examine variables etc, to get a better understanding of things.

(Lg Lindstrom) #22

I am a retired electronic designar who have made a SmartPlug. Selling point of the SmartPlug is accuracy of power and energy measurements.

I have a prototype of the device (Smartplug) and need to interface is to the Gateway.

Following the discussion thread above it is obvious that I am struggling with the Javascript part.

Can anyone have mercy with me :slight_smile: , and give me detailed instruction how to set up a environment for developing Adapters.

(Rzr) #23

Nice project, what chip is powering it ?

If it helps, I shared some notes that could be useful to make a webthing on your embedded device:

(Lg Lindstrom) #24

For the “controller” part we are using ESP32. For power measurement we are using dsPIC33.
Programming lauange is C++ for ESP32 and c for dsPIC33. The adapter I am planning to write using Javascript (new to me)

Also, I am using VSCode and PlatformIO for ESP32 development. dsPIC33 has a native development system.
For the Adapter I planning to use VSCode.

How is your setup when developing Adapters. I see in you project that it is possible to run the gateway in different environments, but how is development IDE part of this??