EP 3. Break the Bias?

You can re-watch the talk on airmozilla.

Community Workshop on Breaking the Gender Bias took place Tuesday 31st May at 2-3 pm UTC+1.

Future work DEI for Common Voice Platform

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  • Gender Working Group will be calling for members interested in gender and speech-enabled technology.
  • In July we will be launching a model competition that focuses on Gender
  • In addition, we will be opening a consultation process on gender and sex metadata in the coming months

Why did we hosting this workshop?

Gender bias in voice recognition impacts the ways in which the gender spectrum engages with technology. Researchers around the world are using intersectional feminism and queer theory to think about how to equitably engage with marginalised genders when it comes to voice technology.

For example:

Session Materials

Extra Reading

Materials curated by Hillary, Kat and Rebecca