Favorite WebExtensions?

I find very useful the following addons for which I have not found a replacement:




:+1: let’s not be shy about this: the required WebExtensions API is not available.

Groups of tabs (multiple groups in any window)

Does anyone see a significant resemblance between Tab Groups and Tab Center Redux? The clue’s in the name – groups – and from the add-on page:

… Groups are incredibly easy to use! … switch between your groups …

… groups management … drag tabs across groups or out of their current group to create a new one. … only the tabs in the chosen group will be visible. …

… name groups, resize them and rearrange them visually however you like. Create groups …

Not one mention of the word group at the Tab Center Redux page.

Similarly: nothing group-related at the page for … sorry, I began comparing the three other recommendations then realised, results for Tab Groups are very fuzzy.

Later I stumbled across this:

Reality check:

  1. if the finder will recommend things that are entirely irrelevant
  2. then people might learn to treat it as a waste of time

– and consider the possibility that negativity from the finder will have a knock-on effect on perceptions of the much broader changes to AMO.


  • if tabs is the keyword, then the tabs catgory https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/tabs/ should be a place to go (sadly polluted by things such as this and this, which seem entirely irrelevant – like, you might use a tab to view a page when you use the extension, but that’s no reason to waste space by abusing the category – OT, that’s an issue for … 2018, maybe).

Please, folks, let’s make the new finder a tool of real value. Thanks!


I experimented with https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/search/?tag=firefox57&tag=tabs but the combination of tags did not have the desired effect. Related:

New tab - Moment is a replacement for Moment.

Full disclosure, I am the developer of New tab - Moment, since Moment was abandoned for 4 years.

In Framasphere, Jason Robinson draws attention to:

– comparable to EFF Technologists HTTPS Everywhere.

EFF Technologists state:

… This extension will be ready for Firefox 57+ compatibility. …

– so it may be respectful to not make an entry in Extension Finder at this time; do not detract from the work of the developers of the original.

To search exclusively for modernized tabs content, try this link:


We’ve also been pointing folks to this curated collection of modernized tabs content:


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Information overload – thirty pages. Related to that type of search result, from a few months ago, with added emphasis:

That’s much smarter :+1: however, at least two listings seem irrelevant to organisation.


Alpha testing, in Mozilla’s beta channel, began 2017-10-12.

I see developer attention to WebExtensions-related issues. Thorough feedback, now, from end users might allow the developers to cease classifying Greasemonkey for Firefox 57 as experimental before the release date.

For what it’s worth: no problem with the one script that I use (for MacRumors Spy).

Really. HTTPS Everywhere is already WebExtensions in its Development Versions.


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Thanks @nova6k0, https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/https-everywhere/reviews/939609/ refers to https://www.eff.org/files/https-everywhere-test/index.html – is that the proper unstable channel?

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It seems they just released a WebExtension version yesterday on the main channel: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/https-everywhere/versions/?page=1#version-2017.10.30



Similar to legacy ScrollyFox. AutoScrolling is:

  • easier to stop
  • not as broadly applicable.


Similar to legacy ScrollyFox. ReScroll is:

  • not as broadly applicable.

Screen recording

Extensions for paging and scrolling with Firefox 56

Stylish to Stylish (not to Stylus)



From https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/stylish/versions/?page=1#version-2.1.1 (2017-10-31):

Last legacy version, getting ready …

@amyt thanks again.

@sdevaney and colleagues: please be prepared to remove Stylish and Stylus from the finder, when Stylish becomes ready (not experimental). Thanks.

I’m suggesting a better replacement for ReloadEvery (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/reloadevery/)

For FF57, migrate to ReloadMatic (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/reloadmatic/).

It seems ReloadEvery already has a recommendation on ExtensionFinder (Tab Auto Refresh), but the latter does not really have anything in common with the original addon as far as the UI goes. ReloadMatic is a much better match as it is very similar to ReloadEvery while at the same time offers additional features.

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Have you tried Scrollkey?


Nice recommendation! I’ve adjusted the tools.

Thanks, Scrollkey is not a replacement … in retrospect, it’s probably unfair to use this topic for things that might be irreplaceable. Sorry. I removed three of the five extensions from post 101 above.

Instead please see the list at post 35 under Concern about WebExtensions exclusive strategy from add-on authors and users;

I accept that some of these will be irreplaceable. For posterity …

Thanks for including Search by Image! Here are some more legacy add-ons which could be mapped to it:


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Keyboard shortcuts: direction from Mozilla to use a legacy extension

Keyboard shortcuts - Perform common Firefox tasks quickly | Firefox Help (undated) begins with emphasis, before listing the shortcuts:

Note: Keyboard shortcuts can be customized using the Menu Wizard extension.

Menu Wizard is legacy (requires a restart of Firefox) and not found by Extension Finder. More broadly , nothing is found for key – partially blocked by these WebExtensions Mozilla bugs, I guess:


Mozilla bug 1415071 - Keyboard shortcuts: direction from Mozilla to use a legacy extension


Print/Print Preview Context is a replacement for Print/Print Preview.

Full disclosure, I am the developer of Print/Print Preview Context, since the original add-on was abandoned for 2+ years.

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LeechBlock NG (a rewrite of LeechBlock that uses WebExtensions) is now available on AMO. This should be the official replacement. :slightly_smiling_face:

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