Feminist internet & Feminist principles of the Internet

This session is facilitated by Maja Kraljic

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About this session

First Feminist Principles of the Internet will be introduced and we will look into how they can be reflected in web development. We will review a few best practices from existing web sites and participants will be able to expand the list based on their experiences or ideas.

Goals of this session

Participants learn how to support feminist internet while building web sites. A checklist of best practices will be expanded with suggestions by participants.

Thanks to all participants for attending this session!

Slides are available at https://share2.apc.org/index.php/s/g3AmD9KqfxbNjbB

Also feel free to review Feminist principles of the internet at https://feministinternet.org/

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My sincere gratitude for this insightful and most inspiring session, I truly loved it.