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VIDEO Recap 1:

VIDEO Recap 2:

Hello All ,

We have finally been able to create the main video and the related blog post.

Please find below the relevant links related to our celebration of Firefox 10th Birthday.

  1. Our Teaser Video

  2. Our Main Video

  3. My Blog Post about the activities -

Please do watch and let us know what you think !!

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On 28th November, 2014 we celebrated 10th Birthday of Firefox in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was a fabulous birthday party. Mozilla Bangaldesh is really awesome. It’s my second Family. Here is the group photo taken at the end of the party.

Hey all,
sorry for posting it very late, but i just wanted to share this with you all.
Mozilla Community Bhopal, India made a small documentry for Firefox on it 10th Birthday .
Have a look.

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Budapest, Hungary

All #fx10 pictures:


Software Fredom Day, Szeged:


Aren’t you from the Philippines?