Good bye Mozilla Firefox

Thanks to all who supported Phoenix/Firefox, it was a good 15-years journey! (maybe even 17-years, don’t remember). But it’s time to switch to another browser. I wish you good luck in the further off thousands of popular add-ons. It is the way to win for sure!
P.s.: I can not file a bug cuz an addon which provide me ability to fill password was disabled by “smart” team of the firefox


You know this issue is affecting other browsers, right?

Strange… it isn’t affecting me on Chrome.

Yep, it’s been over FOUR HOURS and they can’t even revert to the previous settings to fix this issue. With a product in as widespread use as FF this is unacceptable.

Hi @daks12 , this has been caused by a certificate issue. @mozamo Team currently working on a fix and will be providing updates on this thread: Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install. Sorry for the trouble.

Since I could not find how to start a new thread I will post here. I should have abandoned Firefox many years ago, when my bookmarks, favourites etc. were destroyed by a new update, but back then I found a way to revert to the OLD Firefox and to keep on using Mozilla browser. That was wrong thing to do. This year, already some weeks ago a new update destroyed or deleted all my bookmarks, all my favourites and the “favorite buttons”. No matter how hard I tried I could not restore them and was only able to restore some old versions. Therefore for the past couple months I no longer use FF as my main browse3r and I don’t use it almost at all. I am posting this on a browser that is okay, not perfect, but okay, which is Microsoft Edge. I am shocked the way Mozilla treated its long time customers and reduced Firefox usage audience from 88% to measly 3% or less. They must have really good reason for that, either be suicidal or masochist or both. Adios Firefox! I am going to add Opera to my portfolio now in addition to Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi and a very occasionally used Google Chrome. But never Firefox ever again.

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I am right behind you!
Been on Firefox since 2005
But I am done having to redo my settings when I don;t have time for it.
And the stupid idea of using the URL bar for Google searches is beyond stupid.
Having to find “add-ons” to replicate what used to be standard
Bye, Bye!