Got hacked by the add-on called Safepal Wallet!

Dear Supportteam,

Today I browsed true the add-on list of Mozilla Firefox I was searching for Safepal wallet extension to use my cryptocurrency wallet also in the web browser. So my searching ended on the following page: After I installed this extension and logged in with my credentials it was not working. 8 hours later I checked if my funds were still save on my phone software wallet also from Safepal I saw nothing $0,- balance I was deep in shock I saw my last transactions and saw that my funs ($4000,-) were transferred to another wallet. I could not believe it an add-on that is deployed in the add-on list of Mozilla Firefox. Is there no any audit department that is checking every add-on and test it before it get listed on the official add-on store of Mozilla Firefox. Can you please have a look into this add-on before there will be a massive amount of people getting scammed. And also have a look into the developer identity I have found the IP-address of the developer by tracing the mail address. I can also proof that my funds are gone by this add-on.
I can provide all the details & information that is needed.
Also did I contacted the company behind the real Safepal wallet and they was in big shock that there is no audit department that is checking the add-ons in Firewall.


Hi @Cali, thanks for reaching out. We’ll look into this.

In the meantime, I am going to remove personally identifiable information from this post.

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Hi @caitlin

First of all thank you very much for participating and helping me with this incident. The pain I have is still unbelievable please help me with find out who is behind this. The hacker/developer is still holding my funds maybe there is a way to find out what the identity is of the developer and contact him to return my funds.

I would expect you would have to start legal action to get that kind of resolution.


@Cali, I am confirming what @freaktechnik said; you’ll need to talk to a lawyer to pursue that kind of action.

@caitlin @freaktechnik I already talked with the police they can do nothing for me. They told me that there is no way they can trace the hacker. The only solution is left for me is maybe some of you can help me out by figuring out who the hacker was and how I can get my funds back.