Grammarly-like add ons

This article:

… refers to some tools for language improvement when authoring text.

LanguageTool, for example, has a Firefox add-on I just installed that has immediately started working in this very box I presently am typing into :slight_smile:

Therefore, presumably, it must be using WebExtensions as the API :slight_smile:

Better still, LanguageTool is open source.

Anyone aware if there are any such Grammarly-like alternative add-ons currently working in Thunderbird? Or if there would be major barriers to porting this, or similar, add-ons to MailExtensions?


It seems that LanguageTool is working on this:

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Woohoo! Well spotted and thanks for sharing.

I know the WebExtension API isolated a whole lot of people but it would seem there is still some hope as some useful extensions that are born as WebExtensions, rather than deciding extensions requiring conversion or rewriting, can still be beneficial despite all the limitations of WebExtension APIs relative to previous APIs.