How did you organize stuff about Common Voice in schools/universities

In Italy we are studying what to do, but I was thinking that maybe here there are other experiences that can help us to understand and plans.

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I share the different that the French community have done

in the talks
there is a party to help the community : Common Voice
and voice and machines

After it is necessary to communicate regularly and to revive the users by the social networks so that they continue because they participate a few days or weeks and after they move on other thing.

Of course, you can talk to them about quality assurance on my last talk



In Taiwan, we mostly do Common Voice demonstrations at the information conference booth (including biggest OSS conference and biggest IT student conference), most IT college students knew this project from our booth.

We also reach to many related-research professors at once when we launch CV via mail, and introduce to some of them face-by-face after reach out.

We ask all interesting students and professors to join our IM group to keep connected, Line and Telegram for now, and I will occasionally update news and my progress to them.

However, we do face the problem that there are fewer students and professors actually offer helps like submit sentences or help promote locally. Perhaps we need to offer them more materials to promote, and more statistic data as a call-to-action.

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I have an idea to do a competition to increase the contribution for the Common Voice. We can ask them to contribute for a specific time period and give some swags for the top contributors or top contributor of the university. We can get help from campus clubs to share this campaign.