How to "media emulate print" without Developer Toolbar (GCLI)?

(Marius) #21

Firefox is no longer a browser to use in the office, at work. In our office more than 100 employees have gone to Google Chrome just because it has the function “Save as PDF as default” at print options.

Before v62 we installing doPDF as virtual printer and using Firefox, now we can not customize @media print because we do not have Emulate media print, so the only solution we have is Google Chrome.

Firefox has become a browser just for kids and newbies, in business and at work has dramatically lost ground!

(running Windows 10x64) #22

I reverted to FF 60 ESR now.

It still has the media emulate feature and won’t bug me every other day with new update installations.

(Dubiousa) #23

Hi guys, any news on this?
This feature is really VERY important - signing the petition now :slight_smile:

(Victoria Wang) #24

Thanks all for the input. We’re working on this now :slight_smile:

(Patrick Brosset) #25

Good news! This has now been released to Firefox Nightly (which you can get here).


Which version is needed for this? Just installed “Version 68.0a1 (2019-04-08) (64-bit)” using firefox-trunk from the ubuntu-mozilla-daily ppa and I’m not seeing that icon.

Edit: Works in 68.0a1 (2019-04-10) (64-bit), thanks!