I want to encourage you to talk at FOSDEM 2024


FOSDEM is one of the most remarkable events for free software and opensource developers, advocates, humans, and robots.

The event contains two main streams - the talks selected by the organizers and covering various general topics and the developer rooms.

The developer rooms are spread across multiple buildings at the venue and are focused around specific concepts, technologies, and ideas. This is where the fun is.

Apart from the Mozilla room where this community usually is, many other topics allow you to shine and contribute back to the community.

Since the deadline is approaching (Dec1-5 for the majority of the devrooms), I’d like to encourage you to take a look at the rooms, find one or more that you could contribute to, and propose a topic. It takes no more than 10-15 min.

Next year, there will be even one new room about the future of the e-mail.

Maybe you could help shape it?


This is great @bogomil. You may want to share this with Thunderbird folks.

For Mozilla contributors, we also have an open call for volunteers (deadline is Dec 8th) for those of you who are based in Europe and a call for proposal (deadline is Dec 1st) for the Mozilla Devroom if you’re interested in giving a talk.


@kelimuttu - Already shared with the once I know/

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Is there any other channel I should use to get in touch with them?

Did you try on Matrix?