[IMPORTANT] Council Elections - Spring 2018 - please read

(Chiorean Ioana) #1


Unfortunately for this types of announcement we do not have short-cuts. If you consider yourself an active Mozilla Rep, please read the full text, reflect on its contents and do take action.

Intro to Elections

The Mozilla Reps program has been a volunteer driven program from the beginning. This spirit continues today too as the core governing body of the program, the Council, is designed to be an elected body with new members chosen by all Reps every six months.
More background about the history of the Council and its structure can be found here.

Available positions

The time has come for a new round of elections and this time 5 positions need to be filled for the next 12 months term.
:mortar_board: @fayetandog is reaching the end of her 12-month term
:mortar_board: @Mte90 is reaching the end of his 12-month term
:mortar_board: @elioqoshi is reaching the end of his 12-month term ( was substituted by @alex_lakatos a couple of months ago due to his personal request)
:mortar_board: @ankitgadgil is reaching the end of his 12-month term
:mortar_board: @flore is reaching the end of her 12-month term

We thank them for all their leadership, their commitment and their hard work, and we hope they will support the next members to be effective leaders of the Reps community.

Nominations are open

So if you are a Mozilla Rep who have had experience mentoring (ie. being a Mentor /took the coaching training) or attended One of the Participation/Open innovation to Cohort’s events as Invitee of this team, you are eligible to self-nominate yourself as candidates for a Council seat.

Simply put, eligible reps are:

  • All Reps Mentors
  • All Reps that have participated in events organized by the Participation team (Community Gatherings, Leadership Summit, Mozfest (as part of the speackers there or with Open Innovation) and All Hand Attendees with the Participation/Open Innovation team)

As mentioned in a couple of Mozilla Reps Meetings we wanted to have cleared skillset and commitment needed for a council member. Also, analyzing the activity from last year we were able to identify clearer the responsibilities. All of these are documented in Tasks and Responsibilities of Council Members and in Election/Designation of Council Members. Full versions of this can be found in “What’s the Council skillset and the commitment needed?” discourse post.

Next steps and timeline

HOW TO APPLY: Add yourself to the etherpad and when the call closes stay close to the announcements (be available online to receive mails).
All times in 9:00 PM UTC.

  • March 26th - call for candidates (eligible Mozilla Reps only)
  • April 3rd - call closes
  • April 3rd - start of campaign period
    • candidates are given 5 days to answer questions and post them on their profile page
    • candidates are given 5 days to publish a 30-120 seconds campaign video
  • April 8th - deadline for answers and videos to be published
  • April 9th - voting starts
  • April 15th - voting ends - new elected members are announced
  • April 16th - the Council Onboarding begins

This is an exciting time for the Reps program and our role as Reps to help Mozilla build a better web has never been as critical.

Thank you all for being part of this!

On behalf of Mozilla Reps Peers and Council,
Ioana ‍

PS: Don’t hesitate to contact me or the peers body with any concerns, advices or questions you might have!
PPS: For any urgent and actionable feedback please sent it in the next 5 days to be able to analyze it and if needed incorporate it in the next steps.

(Chiorean Ioana) #2

Our nominees are:

  1. Daniele Scasciafratte
  2. Pushpita Dey
  3. Edoardo Viola
  4. Faisal Aziz
  5. Umesh Agarwal
  6. Mehul Patel
  7. Oarabile Mudongo
  8. Irvin
  9. Hossain Al Ikram
  10. David Ross
  11. Manel Rhaiem

Next steps as described here:

Good luck y’all!