Mark your mobilizing expertises and learning interests in Reps Portal

(Michael Kohler) #1

TL;DR You can now mark your mobilizing expertise and learning interests in the Reps portal. This will give us the ability to understand the Reps’ landscape better and also match Reps with expertise in one mobilizing area to Reps that are interested to learn more, in order to teach each other.

Back in Q2 the Reps Council worked with a team of mobilizers in order to learn more about the characteristics and indicators of what forms a great mobilizer and which are the best processes to find and empower them. Out of that experiment, a set of learnings was gathered in order to identify and support great mobilizers around Mozilla technologies.

Part of those learnings was to make sure that mobilizers are intentional about the technology area they want to support and ensure they get trained to have certain degree of knowledge to better understand and support this community.

For that reason, we’ve created a new feature in our Reps portal, that enables Reps to map the areas they believe they have expertise or areas that they would like to learn more about and be experts in the future. After the mapping is done, we will match the two groups’ members to enable knowledge exchange. The participants will be also equipped with the area goals and points of interest so they can be as impactful and aligned with the area’s objectives as possible.

How to indicate your expertise and learning interests
Log in on the Reps portal and go to your profile. Once you click “Edit profile” you will see 2 new areas: “Mark your mobilizers expertise” and “Mark your mobilizing learning interests”:


By clicking on them you can choose your learning interests and mobilizing expertise. Of course you can choose as many as you want. Also, those fields are not mandatory, meaning that if you don’t feel confident about your expertise but you would like to learn more, then mark only your learning interests.

(Kairo) #2

I put this in Telegram but it’s easy to miss there, so I’ll write it here as well - I found some buggy behavior for this new feature (yes, I was part of the QA team back when MoCo still had something like that). :wink:

In the dialogs to chose mobilizing expertises and learning interests, so of the words can be clicked to mark their checkboxes, some don’t - sounds like some labels are not correctly connected to their checkboxes. On expertise, only “Browser Extensions” and “Testing” work right, on interests, only “Advocacy” works right.
Also, when clicking around a bit, some items are checked when I open the dialog a second time that I actually had not activated - e.g. when I click on the label “Browser Extensions” on interests, the same option on expertise is actually being toggled!
Sounds to me like the checkbox IDs and for= attributes need some corrections :slight_smile:

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

Awesome, can you please file a bug:

(Kairo) #4

Been too long since I filed a bug anyhow :wink:

(Michael Kohler) #5

This bug has been fixed. Should be working correctly now.

Everyone, please fill those fields in your profile :slight_smile:

(Kairo) #6

Verified, and thanks for your fast reaction :slight_smile: