MDN Redesign: Improving article scanability

(Kate Sturmey) #21

I can see why they would complain about the scrolling within a page as some pages can be quite long. But you would assume that a user would then look for a tool bar such ‘in this atricle’ to solve this issue? Hmm, maybe a sticky header for the ‘in this article’ would be a good idea to show users that this is a added feature. However, this could impact users on small screens such as tablets or phones, so the design would have to be considered thoroughly.

This is just a suggestion :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Hobson) #22

Hi Kate,

We thought that would be good too! But we had a sticky “in this article” menu on the site until June and only 2% of our users used it :frowning:

Our user testing showed that people mostly ignored it unless they were clicking on “browser compatibility” link. We’re hoping the new design works better for more people. The analytics over the first week have been encouraging :slight_smile:



Having got used to it for a few months, I realized today how much I use “Jump to” now, especially for getting to browser compat and examples. I think it works really well, and much better than the old ToC :). So thanks, @Stephanie_Hobson!