MozCoffee - London [next event March 31, 2018]


(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #1

I’ve slotted in dates for the next 4 months, to meet in person over a cuppa for MozCoffee.

Come join me to talk about how the UK Community can be better serving your needs, the tech scene in general, the open source community, and build a network of new friends.

All tickets over on Tito:

  • March 31st

    • at Ole & Steen, Nova South,1 Sir Simon Milton Square, Victoria, London, SW1E 5DJ (I’ve been before and it’s out of this world). March 31st also happens to be Mozilla’s 20th Birthday
  • April 21st or 28th - this special event is to develop our UK onboarding processes

    • at Eat, 1st Floor, One New Change, London, EC4M 9AF (next to St Paul’s)
  • May 26th

    • Venue to be confirmed. Get in touch with any ideas!
  • June 30th

    • Venue to be confirmed. Get in touch with any ideas!

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How are you celebrating Mozilla's 20th Birthday?
(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #2

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(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #3

Around 10 already signed up to join us Saturday next week. Many new names too. Jump on in if your schedule allows.