Mozfest - October 26-28, 2018 [MEGATHREAD]

With 3 weeks left to send in your Mozfest 2018 session proposal, it’s time for the Privacy and Security space to invite you to collaborate with us. This by me :flushed:

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Tomorrow from 13:00 UTC [Thursday July 12] we’re holding a MozFest AMA over on Twitter. This is a great opportunity to get help completing your session proposal.

More info right here:

Privacy and Security:
Web Literacy:

All the Mozfest Speakers in a super handy Twitter list

With the session proposals call now behind us, today is the day Mozfest tickets become publicly available.

Many folks are contacting us about the first Mozfest Volunteers meetup. Expect to hear of a date inside this month.

We’ve had a few calenders to align surrounding use of the office space.

You’ve not missed the start. Sign up to volunteer and you’ll hear more very shortly.

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Schedule going LIVE w/c October 8.

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Not all the volunteers that make the event happen are Wranglers.

(other brands of jeans are available)


^^ more articles to come of which rectify this :wink:

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2018 MozFest Schedule.
Mobile app:
Web app:

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Ravensbourne’s wifi will only have access to ports 80 and 443 (in / out). Session Facilitators will have access to ethernet and more ports.

:interrobang: If you are holding a session that has network needs outside of this description, please immediately escalate with your session’s Space Wrangler Team. We highly advise testing the equipment from your session when you arrive onsite Friday. This will allow Rave’s IT Team enough time to resolve any snags.

You can otherwise request ethernet access tied to your device MAC address by heading over to the Help Desk on Level 4.