Mozilla, please stop modifying my browser without my permission

Today all of a sudden mozilla automatically disable all my addons for no reason. I blocked firefox from updating because everytimes there is change to firefox, I spent hours tune it for my personal needs. Now mozilla forefully change my browser. Why? Is there anyway to cut off communication between my browser and mozilla?


Hi @seanbas1211.

I am sorry you are unhappy about Firefox. The add-ons being disabled is a result of a bug with expired certificate used for extensions signing. Please see this thread for the latest updates. In the meantime please do not try to uninstall the affected extensions or install them again, it will not work. Your extensions will get enabled automatically once the problem is resolved.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience, the team at Mozilla is actively working on the fix as fast as possible.

I keep automatic updates turned off for the same reason.
I only update when I have time to fix all the issues that every update seems to cause.
It would be nice if all my settings would carry over, and everything would keep working the same after each update.

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