and SSO login issues

Yeah LDAP works. I also seem to have a new account here on discourse, but I thought I had an existing one.

@mstanke would you be so kind and file an issue here:

Please let me know if this works or if you are not able to file issues on this repo.

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@leo can you help us? Do you know if @evilpie (Tom Schuster) used to have a different Discourse account?

@evilpie glad to hear that LDAP works!


Sure, followed up in a PM.

I’ve encountered that as well. For now, LDAP works without 2FA but it would be nice if we could turn it on there.

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Thank you Henrik. I have filed the issue here.

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@mstanke and @KaiRo I pinged you in to try and set up Duo MFA via It should work now.


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It does work now, yes. Thanks a lot!