No favorite button in new AMO design?

BTW, I think it looks just fine and IT DOES get the job done VERY NICELY!
(except for the refresh issue mentioned above that needs addressing).

I can just agree to the others, why making something complicated when it can be done so easily???


Any further development on this? WHy not simply add the 2 links back? Is it really such a big deal?

There seem to be MUCH bigger fish to fry than picking on this nit.


Any more info on this? It seems like such a simply thing to restore with little impact.
Please do not interpret few visible users as meaning access to these links has little impact. Remember that many users of these links can impact MANY other users because the few often support many others.

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  • what a remarkable passage :-/ (ironically, but no offence) folowing this logic maybe it is enouth to post only the name of addon?

I understand, that it is difficult to agree what is core function of informing because we need to agree on what’s:

  1. core information is?
  2. how to perform function of informing?

It’s difficult to agree also because of different tastes / preferences / background of different users. Sometimes researches / polls helps, sometimes - not.

As for me, I have 343 Add-ons in this Collection (in Favorites) so I need a way to organise them for different purposes. In the addons pages (search results and single addon) there are to much bells&whistels and to much white space but for me difficult to grasp info about:

  • size of addon (yea, we still live in world of limited resopurces)
  • category and keywords
  • is already installed or not

I’d suggest reconsider Your team’s approach of understanding what information is and how to manage it.


You are right. It is difficult to agree what is core.
What helps it to understand what actions people want to perform and why.
That is why I asked people in this communication about their use of collections:
Would you mind sharing your reason of why, and how you use them?

And I agree, there is definitely information missing. The most prominent being if the add-on is already installed or not. (We started that work with the new install button used on the Discovery Page in about:addons)

I already answered. Collection is like Favorites / Bookmarks but in one place related to FF . It used to be more suitable to have everything related to app in that app environment.

But I don’t understand who and how decided to remove feature and only after to start asking. We are working in innovations field and never act like that. Every improvement first better to evaluate, only after - implement.


And what is being done with all the feedback provided? It has been almost 5 months since this issue was raised.

Again, it seems the main motivation is to reduce amount of info on the add-on page…BUT you have left a lot of wasteful info /clutter on the page and removed 2 simple unobtrusive yet HUGELY functional links…which much of the other info is not…I do not see the logic.

And I even offered an alternative that meets both your view and the needs of users like me…simply place the links under the MORE… menu, or something like that, if it is REALLY necessary to not display those links…but IMHO there is much more that can clean up the page than removing those 2 links.


You are absolutely right!

Probably we are dinosaurs and don’t understand modern design trends known under different buzzwords (material design? among them)… But… We’d like to know name of heroes :wink:

Even more - long long time ago (old-men’s nostalgy for good times?) , as much as I can recall, “Version Info” about add-on {Released ...; Size...; Works with...} was in one place on the top. But then some “advanced briliant minded designer” decided to put it down forsing me every time to scroll all the page down, futhermore - to click to expand - for access only for one thing - to see size.

Futhermore. Other peaces of information[{Rates}; {Write review button}; {Report abuse}; {Related categories}; {Tags}] are separated and lost in the middle of the right-side column height.

Why such things happens? Designers are clueless about IA (information architecture) or we (few unsatisfied geeks) are information perverts :wink:

If that’s was made under community wishes - I’d like to see statistics.

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UGH!!! We are back to square one! WIth recent changes to the site, the add-on that jorge thoughtfully provided no longer works. SO AGAIN we are unable to manage our collections effectively! PLEASE either restore the original functionality to the site to Add To Collection OR somehow allow this add-on to work.

I do not need the add-on all the time BUT when I do, it makes a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE as I support MANY other users.

PLEASE somebody at Mozilla listen!


I agree
An option to activate “Add to the collection” from “my profile” could be another good solution for both.
I don’t understand after 10 months of praying on our knees, plead and beg for a simple solution that gives users the opportunity to use a function already implemented, only 2 discrete or hidden links. I can not believe it. :disappointed:


Any progress on this? I cannot manage my several hundred add-ons now…This is SO frustrating…

The ability to have AND MANAGE all these add-ons WAS one big differentiator from Chrome and others. If this does not change soon, I will have to seriously consider moving and bring my many followers and the many I help along.

I’m not crazy about the idea…it is a faster browser AND it has several built-in features that are handy…easy open tab management, language detection/translation/spelling, form filler, meaningful window switching keyboard shortcut, etc. I have been using it for some time now as a result of the lack of the above but still prefer Firefox because I’m still holding out for the above. But without this, is it time to jump ship?

Please address this soon!

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Checking in…have not heard anything on this… :-\

Add on collection is very useful.
I once use an add on and delete it after I don’t need it.
Years later, when i need it again, I am so lucky to find out that I added it to my collection, because I totally forgot its name.
Just give me this feature, in a easier way, please and thanks!!

We’re working on a big redesign for AMO (the previous one was a small style refresh) and we will revisit this decision then. We’ll post back when more final designs are ready.

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Thanks for the update…

I do hope that part of the redesign will factor in the idea AND IMPORTANCE of being able to manage multiple collections at least as easily as it was possible before the removal of the Add to Collection site features.

That is one key differentiator of Firefox over the competition.

Please take into consideration the several posts above that highlight the difficulty in accessing and managing collections as it is now, taking HUGE amounts of time to do what used to literally used to take seconds.

I agree with everything you’ve been saying about the need to be able to add to favorites / collections. I’m a big add-ons user and use the collections to organize for my own needs. I’ve always thought of Firefox as an individualist, geeky, power-user favorite. A browser for those who wanted to function differently (better) from the herd. But the decision to remove these functions to me is really frustrating and misses the mark on who the real supporters for Firefox are. Add-ons are the ONLY reason I don’t use a different browser. But lately I’ve been switching over and finding many of my favorite functions now exist elsewhere.


Exactly…PLEASE move up the priority to restore this functionality soon. Without it, Firefox is not much different than the rest. This feature is one of the most appealing reasons for using FF. Otherwise, far more users will continue to walk away…

Quick update on this: it will be possible to add add-ons to collections from listing pages in the new design. We hope to have a beta version of the site people will be able to opt-in to later this quarter (so, in the next month or so).


Sounds promising. I look forward to see the results. Thanks for the update.

Is there anything in the new design that will NOT work the same as before? If so, what would that be? Key features I would be looking for:

  • when adding add-on, complete list of collections can be displayed at the same time (currently, I have 120+ and could see all of them in one list before)
  • list of collections is sorted alphabetically in a compact format
  • identify in list to which collection add-on already belongs
  • can open collection directly from list of collections
  • the ease with which notes can be added to add-on in a collection