Old Add-ons Version Gone?

(Europolita) #1

Hi, i been looking for some addons for my Firefox 48,

(i used to have 0.2v)

also looking for 2.8.2

seems like they have been deleted ?? but why ? i really liked the older version.
i recently formatted and installed win 7, i used to be able to find the older version quick and easy, But now i cant find them anymore.

i refuse to update to newer version of Firefox cuz i dislike the GUI
(i use the Firefox Theme 2) normally i would download it from

i manage to redownload it from Github

will the older add-ons ever come back?? at addons.mozilla.org ?

(jscher2000) #2

Hi, the current releases of Firefox are:

  • Stable: 63.0.3
  • Extended Support Release: 60.3.0esr

Neither runs legacy extensions – extensions that use old APIs – so legacy extensions were removed from the Add-ons site.

Someone says many of them are available elsewhere, but I didn’t figure out how it works: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/a2ylsw/from_where_can_i_download_legacy_versions_of_tree/eb8pwql/

(Europolita) #3

Thx man :smiley: i manage to figure it out now ^^ i have my old Add-ons back again :+1:

(Dariouch Babai) #4

Could you please share the results of your research with us. did the links suggested above yield a solution. is it valid for all xpi extensions? or only a few, including those you were specifically looking for?

thank you much.


https://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/ is an amazing site and i really like strict pop up blocker addon