Open Conversation to Mozilla Leadership

After many months the Open Conversation is finally published!

This document required a lot of time in the last months after the change of Reps Council members and also internal changes inside Mozilla, with a new rewrite from scratch to be updated and aligned with the actual status.

All your input was very valuable for the recent discussion around Leadership for the Mission-Driven Mozillians project. We invite you to join that conversation with all your feedback by heading over to the collection of threads around the different principles around Leadership. Any feedback and suggestions to the posted questions is highly valuable!

Open Conversation:
The original thread: [Call for input] Open Letter to Mozilla Leadership


The document requires access permissions.

And… what’s an “open conversation”? The initial thread spoke of an “Open Letter”.

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Sorry wrong link -.-'
We changed the name to Conversation to be more open for the discussion.
The right one is

I hate to say so, but I don’t feel represented by this letter at all. It neither reflects my complaints, nor does it transmit a sense of urgency. It’s extremely fluff.

It’s mostly a writeup of action of the recent month and drops a lot of the complaints in the linked thread under the table. It doesn’t name issues and doesn’t directly point them out. Basically, it asks people tor read this thread themselves, which cannot be the point of such a document:


I agree with @skade. Reading the letter I am not even sure if there are any problems pointed out. It’s just a statement of current situation, I see it as a longer version saying the same as the opening post of the initiating thread.

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Was there a reply, or action taken on this letter?

Hi Skade, sorry for the long delay, do you have any hint about the issues that you are facing?
Also because in the meantime a lot of things happened like Mission Driven Mozillians 2018 Update

HI Michal, can you explain what problems do you have specifically? In that way we can evaluate what to do.
The idea of the document was to reply to the questions in the doc but the long time to publish forced us to change also the structure of the document so maybe we missed something.

Actually was a reply from the Reps Council to the questions but if something is missing we can evaluate to do something about it. It was few months ago and a lot of things changed in the meantime.

Hi Daniele,

To be quite honest: I had a look at Mission Driven Mozillians and the questions were layed out in a way that didn’t include what I’m doing at all. Also, we had multiple people from Mozilla get in and out of touch again. There’s still a lot of confusion around who to contact for what and who does what currently. My most stable contact just moved position.

I still have no proper reply to my above voiced concern that the letter written does not sum up the discussion from the other topic properly, wasting a lot of peoples time and effort.

There was some collaboration with Mozilla Reps.

All in all, not much has improved.

I’d like to again state that I love working with a lot of the individuals, but from an organisational and structural perspective, things haven’t improved.

Hi Daniele.

I am sorry, but after 5 month I am not sure if this conversation makes sense anymore.


Hi Florian,

I’m interested in understanding your concerns, but it’s difficult to answer without more detail on what are the specific things you think are still unanswered or concerning you.

The Council did a great job summarizing the current status of each theme from the original topic and also providing answers directly in that doc. They also identified open questions that they considered not answered.

My point, if you think there are other open questions, please detail them so we can see what’s the current status on that front and search for an answer.


Please read the linked thread. I have no interest in reiterating points, especially as those posts already came out of an encouragement to reiterate already present points. That was a year ago, and I had to frequently check if the topic has moved on.

None of the points were represented in the letter appropriately.

You chose not to react on my complaint on November '17 and instead let it linger until now.

As @mstanke puts it well: reacting after 5 months and then asking for clarification is not a good position to ask for a summary again. My complaints are known at several places in Mozilla, I’m not willing to enter open discussions again.

I read all comments back then and again now. My understanding is that one of your main concerns was about contacting mozilla staff and the difficult journey at Mozilla as a volunteer. We took very good note of that and we know it’s still a problem for the organization.

As a result of that we also had conversations about this problem with a lot of volunteers and staff, “Contributor journey” was set as one of the 7 priorities for Mission-Driven Mozillians project and we committed to improve it.

We plan to advance the “Contributor journey” theme in the second half of this year, for context these are all the plans around Mission-Driven Mozillians in 2018:


:tiger: this should not stand. Given all the web verbiage about inclusiveness et cetera, we deserve better than this. :safety_vest: