Piwik analytics for communities

And it is. I think using Google Analytics for our sites is a terrible mistake, we shouldn’t encourage communities to use it.

Sorry for being bold but Piwik can provide same information without giving our data to Google and we can have all sites in one single place where while we own the data.

PS: MoCo is using the enterprise version of Google Apps which is supposed to have different terms on data retention and privacy. That was the argument of the people who decided that change for MoCo (which I don’t personally share).

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You’re very welcome to chime in here, and now is a good time as @tad and I are getting set up to renew efforts towards community sites.

GA is an option and it comes with the Google Apps that communities already use if they have email through us. I agree that being able to see trends across communities is valuable.

I do not think the majority of sites use analytics at all though. Piwik gives us a chance to teach important skills that a 3rd party hosted solution does not. The Mozilla internal teams have more than enough work to go around and so farming out what can be offloaded makes sense. Good tools should allow us to grab the same stats, so we should still be able to compare the numbers. I would hope that the metrics teams would be able to help us out no matter what tool a community decides to use.

I have come around to the belief that we have so many communities with different needs that we need to be prepared for a diversity of tools for similar tasks. If for no other reason than better tools come along, the existing tools don’t always stay at the top of the class, and some communities will switch to them sooner than others, while established communities keep to the old tools as they’re ingrained.

You raise very good points, and GA is available to communities if they like. I think what we need more than to pick a tool is to learn what sort of data we should be collecting and making sure to collect it in a way that can be compared tool agnostic - that way the data is always useful even if communities start with Piwik and choose to move to Google, or vice versa.

Hey @Kensie! I definitely agree that no matter what we decide, communities will find the tools that are right for them, and that we’re always going to have a plethora of tools.

Looking at the kinds of things we’d like to collect right now I’m focusing on getting some really basic data. I’ve been trying to find out:

  • Average monthly average visitors to community sites over the past year
  • What the majority of the people are using those sites for
  • Which sites have local blogs and how those blogs are used (disseminate local info, share Mozilla news, promotion etc.).

As a starting point.


This is stuff we’ve already been thinking about. I sent an email so we can catch up!

Also people will want to go to the new Mozilla Communities Web Services category. If you have a site that has services provided by Mozilla, then you should watch the category. This is the central communication channel for providing these services. We made the new category as we provide more services than just ops and because Community Ops works on things besides community sites.

I won’t move this topic for now because offering Piwik specifically would be an ops choice, but perhaps we should start a new topic about analytics for communities, and the data side, over there.

What the status of this request?

Some people expressed their interested and also volunteered to help maintaining the instance.