Pontoon Homepage Redesign - UX

(Pramit Singhi) #22
  • The “Why should I join Mozilla localization?” I have put cursor and text-decoration as well to make it look like a link to other section. But it is actually an inspiration from some website so what I think is that main focus has to be on the primary CTAs that’s why its appearance is like a question just for the users who are interested in knowing more.
  • I am a little clueless with the background colours because as for Pontoon we don’t use many colours in the rest of the tool. It leaves me with a small set so the white background was the only fitting option for me as a background which looks neat with our content. I am still searching for suitable replacements.
  • Yes I checked it in the horizontal screens so the pagination dots were not overlapping, I completely forgot to check for vertical screens. It goes back to cover 960px in case of 1080x1920 screens and that’s why the CSS is actually messing it up. I will fix that. And same with the fonts.

(Pramit Singhi) #23

Probably, I am not sure. I need to ask @mathjazz regarding the localization of this page.

(Matjaž Horvat) #24

Yup, we should make the site localizable. Not right now, but it the future.

(Michal Stanke) #25

I like that kind of a link to the next slide. DuckDuckGo does it too on their homepage.

(Benoit Leseul) #26

Could we add something about joining a local community for your language to introduce yourself and get some general feedback on your contributions? It seems really important for onboarding and retaining new contributors.

(Michal Stanke) #27

The way to reach out to the community may differ case by case. The INFO subpage is the best place to have this information I think.