Priority #1 - Where are we?

(David Ross) #1

Geographically speaking, where exactly IS the “UK community”?

Via the continued efforts of nurturing Mozilla’s UK community, we’ve recently established a list of priorities. We can’t do them all, of course, so we’re starting with the TOP 3 results.

This is a draft thread to define what information we would like, how different groups might utilise this information, how it will look, what will success look like, etc.

Feel free to contribute your voice to the discussion below…

(David Ross) #2

Needless to say this effort will respect the Mozillian community and our privacy!

Couple of draft question to get us started:

  • Could this be a part of a community ‘census’?

  • What information?

  • What form would it take?

    • drop-pin OSM map
    • spreadsheet
  • Test use case:

    • Mozillian wants to hold an event
    • Outside of London
    • Mozillians nearby to invite
    • Mozillians to amplify
    • Mozillians to support
    • Mozillians to provide content
  • Individual’s decision on how to contact

    • not part of this priority but could be integrated with contact details
  • What other aligned Moz initiatives are WIP/roadmapped?

    • e.g. Mozillians and IAM/CoSS


I think that this would be good to capture the “who” and “where” of the UK community and it does not have to be too complex.

If we know the “who”, we can obtain as much “where” as that person wishes to disclose from From this it canbe a spreadsheet or a map to work out the geographic centre of the UK community.

We may be too focused on London when in reality the most central point coluld be Swindon.