Quite slow que

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We have submitted an addon February 8th, it has been stuck since then from 260 position to current 200 position. That is about 6 addons a day… so it will take a month or so more. Is there something we can do to speed up the process? Are you having some kind of issue about reviews?

Thank you for your work.

EDIT: https://addons.mozilla.org/es/developers/addon/certificate-transparency/edit

that’s the addon. Not too long, ofuscated, or anything, we think. Thanks!

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Which addon?

Generally speaking, addons are not always reviewed in the strictest order.
For example, some addons require admin review which take longer.

Some addons are tiny with few lines of code. They can be reviewed in minutes.

Then there are addons that are larger that some operating systems with 100,000s lines of code. Those often take a long time to review.

It is the same with upgrade reviews. Some upgrades are just 1-2 lines. On the other hand, some upgrades are massive.

There are other issues such minified/obfuscated code, using risky APIs etc that require longer to review.

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This one https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/certificate-transparency/

Thank you.

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The jsrsasign-latest-all-min.js is a considerably large minified code and it includes other libraries.

Library code if posted as a separate file, can be checked via its hash for the known and acceptable libraries ie JQuery. (so no manual checking)

jsrsasign-latest-all-min.js combines many libraries so they cant be checked individually. That means each section has to be checked and that is 10,000s of lines of minified code.

What you can do to speed it up is, to avoid using combination libraries and include each file separately.

Good luck

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The jsrsasign-latest-all-min.js has been downloaded from https://github.com/kjur/jsrsasign which is the official page of the project. This add-on allows Firefox to support Certificate Transparency, so this library is needed to verify the certificate signature. The addon includes this library because is the most used for this issue. You can check the hash of this library, because it is not modified.

Thank you.

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That library is not pre-approved. Therefore the code has to be checked, line by line. That takes time and often has to be done by an admin reviewer.

There are millions of libraries on the internet, Only few libraries are pre-approved:

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Hello erosman,

We have uploaded again the add-on. Now the code is cleaner and no minified code is present.

Thank you.