Reps Budget Survey

we are having a survey in order to understand the current Reps Budget workflow and how to improve it.

Survey will stay open until Monday the 24th, please fill it and add your feedback :slight_smile:



Hello all,
results are in, you can find them here

This is a high level presentation. For those who are interested on the full analysis, it can be found here

NOTE: the open text questions are missing so a responder can not be identified. We have already reviewed those and we are taking them into consideration.

Thanks you all for participating. Your feedback are really appreciated. We will base our future steps based on your feedback.

Please do not hesitate to send an email to the Review Team if you have any idea you would like to share :slight_smile:


Snapshot of the results

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Excellent work! Are there any actions following from the insights gathered through this survey?

Of course :slight_smile:
I have it in my schedule to open a github issue at the next heartbeat but I can add next steps also here:
Our goal is to run again the survey at the end of the year. The areas we are mostly focusing on improving are:

  • Likely to recommend the budget procedure (NPS question)
  • General satisfaction
  • timing

The last one (timing) is also related on the basis metrics research we did at the beginning of the quarter

We are also looking on the needs of training people have identified as part of next steps on the Resources track.

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Speaking of that, do you need any adjustments to the script for the next run? Glad to help, you know :stuck_out_tongue:

yes will comment on github next week :slight_smile: