So. Now we can not even turn off proton?

why make changes when it is not broke?
all mozilla did is alienate more users. I am still on 88.01 thanks to backup.
what Mozilla needs to do is add customization. if they want to try a new look, fine, add it as a theme but keep the old theme too. then if a user doesn’t like the new one you can just switch back to old one. easy peezy.
now please give us back our old theme or I will not upgrade.



The tab bar is not conveying the information which it is supposed to convey because some wannabe “artist” decided to stop conveying it. There is no visual separation between inactive tabs whatsoever and the highlight around selected tab is almost invisible.

The removal of icons in the hamburger menu also eliminates important visual cues that help you find the menu item you want faster. The Proton UI is a huge and completely pointless step back in terms of basic usability.


That does not work when you have multiple tabs with no favicons.

If you want to use a browser like Chrome, I would recommend Brave browser instead of Google Chrome. It’s based on the same underlying project Chrome is based on but is de-Googled as far as I know. It tries to be privacy respecting like Firefox but it does it a bit differently.

Anyway, I can’t ditch Firefox just yet but if you really can’t use it anymore, I don’t blame you. I would still avoid Google at all costs though. Really can’t rely on them much.


Thanks, i’ll definitely try Brave.

I’ve been using Proton truly for… 2 months now? And yeah, I hate it. Old design looked clean, sharp and good. There is no excuse for not allowing users choose old design, this makes absolutely no sense. I’ll be changing browsers when I get the time, OperaGX looking mighty fine.

If someone hands me a userchrome.css that makes firefox look like the old one, I would really appreciate it, but I’m not going to become a frontend developer just to keep a browser usable lol


Try r/FirefoxCSS for pre-built theme advice.

yeah i got blasted with this while i’m sick, thanks guys, as if i didn’t already have enough of a headache now i gotta spend hours un-screwing up what was working fine.

userchrome hacking is not a viable solution for the vast majority of users. that’s like asking grandma to drop down into command line to deal with an issue; it’s not gonna happen. please consider expanding theming support in-browser so that i can simply download and activate a theme in-browser that changes the ui back to what it was.

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Hello, My temporary fix to the PROTON MESS was to disable updates, and block them, i had to live for a couple of months with the “update browser” message poping up a LOT of times a day, but i get used to it.
now updates where ENFORCED, my firefox UPDATED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and now i have to deal with proton UI again.

PLEASE, gives us an option to get rid of the proton crap
i have been using firefox since day one, it was ALWAYS my primary browser.
you are forcing me to switch to something far inferior like palemoon, WHY
Mozilla fundation guys: you really want me to give up with you? why are you forcing this changes (and the forced update btw!) at gunpoint?

if I choose to stay in one specific version, it is my choice “it is not secure blah bla blah” it is MY PROBLEM, MY CHOICE, i specifically configured in firefox DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE, and 2 months after that, you forced the update anyway.
what are you apple? come on!.

if it is a matter of money, I can PAY to have PROTON disable FOREVER again, just contact me personally.
please gives up SOME option, and not that chrome CSS that is ridiculously complicated to do (if i had to do in my 15 browsers it would take me a couple of days, gives us an easy option like the disable proton on the about:config that used to work and now it doesn’t.
and btw the compact mode helps a little but does not fix the horrendous and unpractical UI AT ALL.


Low contrast, tabs which are buttons, and they remove the option to disable it just in time for the ESR release. Surely this kind of major UI overhaul should be done after the ESR release so those users don’t have to put up with something this half-baked for a year.
If Firefox wants to remain relevant they need to define themselves as something different from Chrome/Edge. Making the standard release a yearly update and focusing on privacy and enterprise friendliness would help them stand apart. Alienating the existing userbase with touch-first UI and barely distinguishable colour schemes seems like the wrong way to go.


Thanks for sharing this amazing information with us. I will try it

You can visit the following Github repo and ask for assistance:

It’s mostly for those who actually use the CSS from the repo/project but you might actually find what you’re looking for already in this repo. Browse for what you think you would need to make it “normal” again. Otherwise, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, someone on Reddit or elsewhere might be able to help out.

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This “solution” solves just 0.1% of the underlying problem. This new design is absolutely unwanted. Noone ever asked for it. After years of just using Firefox I have now even registered a Firefox account to utter my disgust. Stop your evil doings.

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What is the other 99.9% of the problem, and what have you tried so far?

If you are handy with files and folders, you can heavily modify Firefox’s user interface. I have a website on that:

The rest of the problem is already uttered several times in most posts
and in many other places. And this is going on since many years already.

The cause seems to be that the developers like to do what they want
instead of doing what people need. This is very sad.

They urge people to adapt to their useless and unnecessary redesign and
don’t even offer the possibility to stay with the original design.

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If Mozilla was considerate to its users, which is not, it would have not pushed this Proton update to coincide with the release of the last ESR.

Did you think all those millions from Google were just for the search option?

Sears had a similar experience, destruction from the inside (CEO) by bleeding the company’s cash (dividends), while stores suffered from a lack of merchandise (people moved on).

No wonder Mozilla spends so much energy and resources in failed/useless projects, connect the dots.

For the moment, still using FF ESR 78.15.0 and if I need more security I use a sandbox or Vivaldi.

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We shouldn’t have to resort to css files to do things that used to be/should still be options in the browser itself. I wish Mozilla would stop removing options from the end user in regards to UI tweaks, that’s the entire reason I use Firefox.


Until the 103 update your code worked perfectly showing the accent colour in the title bar of the active window. What do I have to change to make that working again?

Hello @zfor, indeed, this is because FF renamed a few things, see

I made a quick and bit ugly hack for things to work well again, so instead of the sequence you refer to, this one works well for me as of FF 103 (the last piece adds a red line at top of tab to better see it when FF is not focused, you can skip it if you do not want it):

/* Dynamic window (tool / menu) bar */

#toolbar-menubar:not(:-moz-lwtheme) {
  background-color: AccentColor !important;
  color: AccentColorText !important;

#TabsToolbar:not(:-moz-lwtheme) {
  background-color: AccentColor !important;

#toolbar-menubar:not(:-moz-lwtheme):-moz-window-inactive {
  background-color: unset !important;
  color: ThreeDShadow !important;

#TabsToolbar:not(:-moz-lwtheme):-moz-window-inactive {
  background-color: unset !important;

/* Show better top border of tab */
#tabbrowser-tabs:not([noshadowfortests]) .tab-background:is([selected], [multiselected]) {
  box-shadow: 0 0 4px rgb(255, 0, 0) !important;
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Thank you for your effort.