Suggestion: Container = Tab

i would like to give feedback / make a suggestion
currently each website i open in a container still has its own tab and they can be mixed in order and even though they are marked by color this can often get quite confusing.
i would like to suggest to give an option to limit each container to one tab. if i click this tab it could for example open a drop-down menu with all the websites i have opened in this container.
essentially this means: container=tab. (instead of the current: webpage=tab)
example pic of what it could look like:

alternatively i would suggest a tile-based design with thumbnails.

this might also help with a whole other array of problems that people have with the tab management and the loss of addons that used to handle such kind of problems and it would make the container-feature so much more userfriendly and easy to understand.
you would see that all those websites in the same container are grouped together in a tab making it completely intuitive to use.

I’m sort of lost by the screenshot in relation to your comment, could you explain further?

Anyway First Party Isolation is essentially what you will get with this model assuming I am understanding correctly. Isolating everything means that nothing can talk to each other which will actually break payments and other pages on the net for example.

Could you explain further, there might actually be an addon out there that can do what you want.

Im not suggesting an increased level of isolation.
I want to keep the level of isolation as it is in the current state of containers. What i am suggesting is only a change to the UI when using containers. e.g. that instead of marking the containers with colors making them one single tab each.
i am NOT suggesting First party isolation. i guess it was unfortunate that all the links i used for my example pic were youtube links.

EDIT: i have uploaded a new picture that should make things clear.

Hmm so in your example you would have one tab of each container and the tabs relating to that container would be hidden within it and show via a menu when browsing that tab?

So just for clarification; you want to make the container a “Tab of tabs” of sorts as to be able to click on the tab and bring forth one of the “sub tabs” buried in it; similar to a 2D array?

exactly. :slight_smile:
a tab of tabs. i feel that the container would be way more intuitive that way. there would be a clearer connection between tabs of the same container than just a pandemonium of colours.
i guess for very casual users that probably wouldnt be interesting, but that goes for the whole container-feature right ? hardly anyone but power-users will use it anyways. and the same power-users tend to have a lot of tabs too so it would make a lot of sense imo.
(it could ofc be optional, as in a switch that toggles between this and the current version with colors)

This is kinda the reason I made Sea Containers it expands the current container that is open and makes it more obvious you are in that container.

i just tested your addon i like it its great it makes using containers intuitive and obvious, for people who like sidebars its perfect :slight_smile:
problem i have with sidebars is: they take up valuable screen space :frowning:
which a “tab-popup-list” wouldnt.
you couldnt by any chance allow to move the tab groups from the sidebar into the top tab-bar ?
im aware of the disadvantage that one cant see anymore what tabs are inside of a container until you click it but i feel that one would quickly get used to it and be able to remember where which tab was anyways

Currently there isn’t any other browser feature that can do this via web extensions without requiring a manual user click every time.

This might become easier in the future as there is talk of toolbars or similar for extensions.

Taborama extension might be worth a try but as mentioned requires a manual click.

thanks for the tip :slightly_smiling_face:. unfortunately its not what im looking for.

so youre saying its currently impossible to do that via web extension bcos the API doesnt allow it but might become possible in the future when mozilla expands the API as promissed?

and there is no chance that it will be implemented into the containers feature itself (which shouldnt be limited by webext api ?) ?


I’m not sure it was a promise, there has been some experimental work done into adding panels like this though.

We will be limited by the same restriction in 57, we might have the ability to test out experimental APIs before they reach all users but not at this time.

I’m not aware of anything else that would allow us to do anything similar, no.