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(erosman) #21

For example with reddit

Removes anything with a path (ie it has something after reddit.com/)
^ means the URL starts with
? means one character so /? means at least one character after /

You can also use this but above is more precise

Above will delete all reddit URLs except the main site https://www.reddit.com/

(erosman) #23

What do you mean?
To delete all history for all sites?
That is possible from Firefox Options -> History -> Never Remember History

Do you mean add multiple sites with one line?
That is possible with Regular Expression but a very long one may not be easy to maintain e.g.


(Liindd94) #24

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(erosman) #25

I see… Try this one: /^https?://[^/]+/.+/

(erosman) #27

Try this: /^https?://[^/]+/(?!sv-se).+/

PS. I updated the previous one

(erosman) #29

You are getting into more complicated Regular Expressions :wink:

For example: /^https?://[^/]+/(?!(sv-se|this|that|other)).+/

(Liindd94) #30

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(erosman) #31

It is case-insensitive
You have overlapping pasterns
Not followed by se will also be true for se/sv_se, se/webapps/mpp/home
Same with sv and sv-SE/firefox

The Regular Expression is passed to new RegExp() so no need to escape slashes /

try this:

So it wont delete these:

http://www.website.com/service (starts with se + ervice)

It will delete these:


It is possible to write as complex a Regular Expression as wanted.

(erosman) #33

It would be better to list them one by one… or … you can create a/few Regular Expression/s for it.

Regular Expressions are for advanced users and complex ones are for very advanced users.

You can ask in general forum for help in creating one to your specification.

Once you have done that, if there are any problems in using it in Historia, let me know.

(Lnice) #35

Will this add-on ever be supported in Chrome or Opera?

(erosman) #36

Currently, I only make add-ons for Firefox.

(Lnice) #37

That’s a shame, thanks for answer.