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(Glenn) #24

Hey there. Great extension. Here’s the use case–I have a Gift Card Number and a Gift Card PIN. I’d like to copy both of them, then paste them with a Tab in between, i.e. I’m pasting them into a spreadsheet. I’m not clear how/if its possible currently to set the Divider to . Any encodings would be fine. \008 or \t or whatever you like.

(erosman) #25

You can use Tab if you want but that would mean all entries will be end up in one row on a spreadsheet.

There is no option currently for creating a 2 column layout in a spreadsheet.


You should use semicolons then special paste with delimiters, and tell it to use semicolons as the delimiters. Let me know if you need help figuring it out.

(erosman) #27

I have been checking and WE at the moment doesn’t have any API to check the value of dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled to see if it is enabled. Therefore, there is nothing that can be done about it at the moment.

News …
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts are coming soon in v2.6 (FF60+).


I apologize for posting my suggestions and bug reports in the review section. I will edit my post and because of your responsiveness and receptivity, adjust my rating accordingly. Here are the suggestions and problems described in my original post.


  1. To be able to configure a keyboard combination to copy into the cache.
  2. To be able to optionally add the date and time when clipping.
  3. To be able to expand the number of allowed characters before and after the URL. This way, I can have a prefix of "Location: " or "Pasted from: "

A problem surfaced when I realized that large clips are being truncated. Is there a limit on the size of individual clips? Can this limit be removed?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Clip a few articles from the NYTimes.com website. Note that I capture both the page title and url when I clip.

  2. Now try a long article from the magazine section. For this, I used this article.
    Clip all of the text in the article.

  3. Save the clips to the clipboard.

  4. Paste them and compare the clips to the sources. I will bet that the magazine clip is truncated.

Note that I have tested this on a Windows 7 Professional machine with 8GB RAM and an i7 processor. Also Tested on a Windows 10 machine with 16GB RAM and a i5 processor. Both give me the same result.

I have also tested the magazine article using ctrl+c and copy plain text. Both methods paste the full article correctly. So I thought maybe the other clips were doing something that caused the magazine article to truncate. That assumption proved wrong. I copied the magazine article alone and saved it to the clipboard. The result was the same. It was truncated as before. Identically.

Does this information help?

(erosman) #29

New features coming to the next upgrade: (already done)

  • Custom Keyboard Shortcut (FF60+)
  • Option to add Date & Time
  • Removed length limit on URL wrapper

Thank you. You are right, there is a truncation somewhere. Thank you for pointing it out.
Let me find out where the problem is and it will fix it.

Firefox is causing the limit/truncation, not the add-on. It seems there is a limit on the text length (16384) passed to the contextmenu API.
The order of saving doesn’t matter. It truncates even if there is only one article.
Let me see how I can overcome it.

I have updated the code to not use the contextMenu selectionText if text length is longer than 16,384.
It seems Firefox truncates the selectionText at 16,384 (16k).
ref: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1338898

I got a reply from the WE dev team and the limit is hard-coded into the WE API.


Thank you erosman. Do you have an ETA on when the next release will be?


(erosman) #31

All of them are done. I have to do some testing and will release it soon.

If anyone has any feature requests, let me know.


erosman, thank you for the update. However, the latest release breaks the text divider. I have it set to ====

The divider is not included in the pasted copies.

I also see that I can add the date and time for each copy. This too does not work. When I return to check the settings, it shows that it is deactivated every time.

(erosman) #33

The date & time seems to work for me. You need to click SAVE to save it.

Oops… sorry … There is a problem with divider when copying to clipboard (it works in paste to textarea).

I am uploading v2.7 to fix the divider issue.

(YFdyh000) #34

No localized resources from https://github.com/erosman/extension-translations/tree/master/Text%20MultiCopy?

(erosman) #35

I will update it today.


Thank you erosman. I don’t yet see 2.7. Is there an ETA?

With regard to the date and time, I did save the configuration. It is not recording the date and time in the copied content (for me). When I return to the settings, I see that date and time are disabled. I try again, save, but continue to get the same results.


(erosman) #38

It was uploaded yesterday and has been available.

As far as saving, try to set the preference, click save, close the option, re-open to see if they are there or not.


I am happy to report that the text divider seems fixed. Thank you.

The date and time issue is not fixed for me. It seems that the settings are not sticking.


(erosman) #40

What is your Firefox version?
Is anyone else having this problem?

If you change the divider, does it save the changes?


That was it. I was on 60 and just updated to 61. Everything now works well. Thanks.


(erosman) #42

Good… although that should not be an issue. What it has done is that it reloaded the add-on after Firefox upgrade. I was going to suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the add-on in case there was some sort of data corruption somewhere.

(EmproG) #43

I’m not sure how to use this.
When I right-click on a link, all I get is “Copy Saved to Clipboard.” and it gives an error “Storage is empty.”
I’m actually using Waterfox, not firefox.

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