Themes and AddOns! Bugs galore!

Dear Mozillas and Firefox,

I’ve been using Firefox for more than a decade now and have seen many of its ups and downs during this time.

But this, this is certainly not your finest hour!

While I get that updates and new developments are (nearly) as inevitable as death and taxes, I do wish you had the decency to at least warn us about such a major change! Oh, what am I talking about, ou might wonder? Well…

All of a sudden, probably while I was blinking, all but one of my AddOns just up and disappeared. Not to mention all the themes I had bookmarked! Including the one I was using at the moment!! (Which is an especially hard blow for me since it was in memory of my late mother!!!)

What is really, really aggravating, though, is that a) NO theme can be activated and b) each attempt to download an AddOn just gets the message “Download failed. Please check your connection.”! Which is wokring just fine, I might add.

So… As you can imagine, I don’t have the friendliest feelings towards Firefox and Mozilla right now.

Please kindly explain what happened, which bugs bit your staff AND, most importantly, when this FUBAR update-thing will be fixed? (I want my themes back! And my AdBlockPlus!)



P.S.: Should these insufferable shenanigans keep up for much longer, I will seriously consider switching over to Chrome. Or even re-install IE. (Neither of which I like all that much but at least they are working as they are supposed to.)

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If you manually change your computer’s date to yesterday, Firefix will allow you to re-download your add-ons.

Works for Windows 7 & 10, from what I’ve been hearing so far. It’s not a perfect solution, but it should allow you to keep using Firefox the same you have been in the past, at least until the developers fix the problem.

And now it seems that they’ve rolled back their change. I think everything’s working correctly once again (for the time being)

Edit: looks like re-downloaded add-ons might keep working if you set the date back to today (mine are, so far) but you can’t download more without setting the date to yesterday.

Nope. Still issues here. Every adblock addon I try it says “Download failed. Please check your connection.” Still major issues. Even their featured extensions are doing the same thing. I’ve tried restarting and reopening firefox. No dice.

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Same here. Everything. Is. Gone. And I get the same error you mentioned when I try to install a theme. Very frustrating, Mozilla.

I am having trouble adding new themes, it says I have an unstable Internet connection, yet I am on here and I have Star Trek Online Open, so the problem is not my end it is yours.

Getting the same as deehoog.mark and others.

We’ll be providing updates on this thread: [FIXED] Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install