Themes no longer working!?

I have never in the 20 years of using FF seen anything like this. Is this some sort of attack on FF itself.

If this is not fixed I will be abandoning FF for another browser. My page looks like crap without its theme.

there are already several articles written about this topic - it’s something FF is doing to get rid of obfuscated code or any code in extensions that may be malicious/invading your privacy. as a result, however, many extensions are being left useless and unusable. all of my adblockers and my theme are now gone.

Thank you for being there.
It’s far from any solution, of course, but it helps to know that I’m not the only one that’s been affected by the ‘Snap’. :wink:

If you’re looking for a quick work-around, you can manually change your computer’s date to yesterday. This will allow you to re-download your add-ons.

Works for Windows 10, at the very least.

If Firefox IS responsible for this debacle, why was no one given a head’s up. This process is beyond anything I could ever have imagined FF doing and the explanation sounds as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

Destroying the page views by disabling all themes and doing the same with every last add on because we were all in danger of something is not believable. I’m a 20 year user of the browser and FF doing this without a hint of a heads-up is abusive.

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There is a new announcement about this topic - the team is working on a fix.


If true, best news to be found on the topic.

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Sounds like an expired certificate or a new one that didn’t get issued right. The backdating trick makes sense for an expired cert.

Mozilla - FUBAR

There’s already a thread for this ‘problem’. Unfortunately, this seems to be a Firefox-wide problem of epic proportions…

I am totally capable my browser and my computer but have no special expertise with changing processes as you describe. Maybe I am missing something, but wouldn’t we be required to do this every day, thus negating any continuity in or use of our calendar.?

No that is happening in a few weeks. Currently, there is an issue with a certificate expiring, causing verification to fail because the certificate is treated as invalid.

Thank you for the clarification! This situation is very confusing to me :sweat_smile:

I did the trick for some key plugins and I installed some new ones then put my calendar back to normal. The addons stayed active.

And then I spoke too soon… I just lost my addons again. Argh!

Hi @k.muraki , We understand your problem. This has been caused by a certificate issue. Firefox Team is currently working on a fix and will be providing updates on this thread: Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install.

Sure does seem the “team” cannot take comments of incompetence…

We’ll be providing updates on this thread: [FIXED] Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install

Well, after causing the distress to many, I guess the story worked. Sure was an “unexpected” and an “uncalled for” event. Luckily it was “fixed” soon enough to maintain some of the Mozilla Firefox enthusiasts…actually of which I must be one…

Every day and sometimes multiple times during the day, I have to re-install my theme as it disappears and goes to plain black. Im using 68.0.1 (64-bit) version, which is apparently up to date.

This could indicate an incompatibility with your graphics card/chipset driver software. You can test turning off hardware acceleration in Firefox, and look for any driver updates.