Train Deep speech with Indian english

i recorded my own audios 1500. and augment different pitch,distance etc…get 20000 more audio files.

But other than that did you do anything else I mean did you create your own language model or any changes any where in deep speech ?

yes i am using DeepSpeech v0.2.0 pretrained model sir. and i am finetuning this with my audio files.

And how much time and what hardware you used for the same .

are you done with it .?
what was the accuracy you got in the same ?

4 GB GTX 1500 series GPU. it is taking 35 hours continues training sir.

are you done with it .?
what was the accuracy you got in the same ?

yes i did this model with my own audio, it gives good results for indian english accent.

And when you said you have done some fine tuning …
does it mean just adding the new data set on top the already pre trained model or something else also ?

just adding the new data set on top the already pre trained model

yes pretrained + own audiofiles( fine tune) generating a new model.

thanks a lot buddy you are really a life saver…
pls let me know if you do social service to donate the data set : )

my datasets only a particular purpose only recorded audio. that is not covered all. this is one disadvantage for us. if you want more data, you tried to record different kind of speaker and do data augmentation sir.

i have a code for data augmentation UI. it is very easy to handle augmentation process.

if you want data please do this. it will help to you lot.

come for ready to help page.

okay …
thanks a ton brother :slight_smile:


hey buddy … i was wondering if you could share your pre trained model …
as it requires alot of hardware … and it ll take time…
i just wanted to see how it 'll work …
if it is okay with you .


@bhadwal.abhishek hello sir how to train our dataset can you please help me?
I am fresher I want to learn how to retrain the deep speech model for Indian accent? @lissyx when I am doing that I was facing an error which is key_layer/_1 bais not found in checkpoint 0.4.1 I am continuing the training from release model

Please continue training using the proper git branch v0.4.1 and not master

will try sir thanks you for immediate reply

@lissyx I am creating a pbmm model after that we want testing that model I am getting the error which is RuntimeError: CreateModel failed with error code 5

Command is: deepspeech --model modell/output_graph.pbmm --alphabet modell/alphabet.txt --lm modell/lm.binary --trie modell/trie --audio how_are_you.wav

hi sudarshan

Do you find a way to fix your problem “RuntimeError: CreateModel failed with error code 5” ?

I’ve got the same issue when i try to execute my own training model

Error code 5 in v0.4.1 means file not found. You’re specifying an invalid path somewhere, probably the model file.

Thx but in my case the error was due to i train the model with 0.5 version and try to use it with 0.4.1 native client :wink: error on my side