Ultimate contribution tutorial for newcomers

(Jumasheff) #1

Hey, I am currently writing an article for https://ky.kloop.asia where I am going to describe the project in order to draw new contributors.
I want to give a detailed instruction on how contributors can start easily. Is there a single place where info is given on how he/she do for the project? Like “she can follow this ___ link and do this” or “he can download an app and do …”.
Any ideas on what must be included to the article?

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(Rubén Martín [away until April 24th]) #2

I’ve tried to keep this topic updated, more ideas welcomed!


(Jumasheff) #3

Sorry, I didn’t give you clear info: the language (kyrgyz) is already on Common Voice, but contributors aren’t as active as I wish them to be. This is partly because we ran out of sentences. What I am trying to ask is, what is the ‘updated’ process?
What is the next most important thing for us to do?
Should I draw people for voice contribution and records validation? Or should I ask them to submit and validate sentences? Or both?
Are there official Android/iOS apps for contributors?


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(Rubén Martín [away until April 24th]) #4

I would say both, in order to provide more sentences for existing contributors but also keep collecting voice from different speakers (we really need high number of speakers, probably 1000 or more).

Yes, also they can use the website on their phone directly.


(Pedro Lima) #5

Is there an Android App for Common Voice?


(Jumasheff) #6

I couldn’t find one on Google Play :frowning:


(Pedro Lima) #7

Yeah, there is an iOS app, but not an Android app yet. I hope they’ll release one soon. It would be good use Common Voice while chilling away from the computer.


(Jumasheff) #8

Do you think STT quality will increase, if we add some domain specific texts, say, scientific, medical, religious, slang etc?
cc @josh_meyer

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(Gregor) #9

You can use the full-feature set of the site on Android devices, which is why we don’t have/need a native app. On iOS the browser doesn’t have all the necessary capacity, which is why we have the app for it.



Hey @jumasheff! Firstly, I’m very happy to see your activity for Kyrgyz, and also glad to see that Kloop is still interested:)

With regards to domain specific words, I would say adding them is good if they are easy to read. That is, we don’t want people to wonder how to say a word, and then pronounce it wrongly, just because they don’t know the word.

For instance, having " fasciculation" in English text on Common Voice would be a problem, because people would stumble over it unless they happen to be a doctor.

In summary, if most people know how to pronounce the word, that’s fine. However, if finding other, non-technical text is easier, I would do that. More text is better than technical text, and technical text must be readable.


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