WebVR Workshop in Lausanne

This weekend I’ve talked to Geoffroy and we decided to run a WebVR workshop in Lausanne. We have set the 15th of July as date for now. He is checking the availability of the location. However, I expect this to work out so we need to start to talk about content.

I would love to go further than A-Frame and also encourage people with knowledge in WebGL to come and we can set up a nice demo with the WebVR spec. What do you think? How far should we go?

Also, does anybody know anyone who could lend us a HTC Vive? Would be amazing if we could show demos and use it for testing :slight_smile: Otherwise we probably want to buy some Cardboards for simple demos. I can definitely do a budget request for that (and probably also for the Vive if we can rent one).

Would love to hear your thoughts!


PS: cc’ing @alex_lakatos as he expressed interest to help out


Everything is ok for the location. Liip is ok to host our event in their Lausanne office (Rue Etraz 4).

Regarding the headset, Colin told me we could use the HTC Vive that apparently belongs to Liip.
Do you have any laptop that could run it?

Concerning the date, it would be better if we could do it the Saturday 22th of July. Would it be ok for you too?


Yay! Thanks!

Yes, that works as well. Let’s go for that one :slight_smile:

That shouldn’t be too hard to organize. Wouldn’t say no to a laptop from liip we could use with enough power :wink:

We have a computer built especially for VR, but it’s a desktop case size machine that’s in Zurich and would need to get to Lausanne as well :slight_smile:

I think we could arrange that. I’ll check if we have another option that is easier first though.

We don’t have any computer which is performant enough to run HTC vive in our west part offices.
It would be great to use the one from Zurich.

Who could bring it to LS?

Thinking a little bit more about this, an “easier” option still includes traveling with the setup (even if it’s just the Vive and not the tower). I will make sure we get the setup to Lausanne. Maybe @freaktechnik could help with that? :wink:



@mkohler are you taking care of creating the event on meetup?
Once it’s done, I’ll start share it around.

Yes, I will also create an issue in the repo to make sure we don’t forget anything.

I could potentially help there, yes.

I’ve filed https://github.com/mozillach/participation/issues/53 to track the progress.

I’ve created the event page here: https://www.meetup.com/Mozilla-Meetup-Romandie/events/239994710/

Does this sound good? If so, I’d announce this in the Lausanne group in a few days and will also cross-post to the Zurich one.

(Additionally on the Reps portal: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/webvr-a-frame-hackathon/)

Hi everyone

We found a speaker for the intro session! This means that we just need to get the VR set to Lausanne and send a reminder to the participants. And we probably also want to do a second wave of promotion.

@gperriard @colin how easily transportable is the VR set?