Weekday clock RULE

I don’t know how to go on :frowning: , it seems very complicated to understand, I’m sorry for the many questions I’m asking you, could you show me in a more graphic way so that I can understand in a way that’s easier for me. Thank you very much.

  1. you condition should be weekday not weekend :wink:

there is one of my condition, instead of the text you saw, you should have number or text i used variable on mine

I am in this step, what I see is that I am missing things, because I see that you have created a “macro” or something like that to execute something else, the truth is that I am totally lost in this, it is a bit big for me. Right now I’m blocked, could we do it somehow between you and me with my parameters?

you’re on the right way, this was my macros and won’T fully apply to you, you have to adapte it, instead of executing a macros, you will need to set things attribute to X

After everything you have told me, I have compiled and made the following structure, I would like you to review me to see that it is correct. On the other hand, I would like to know if in the upper part where the “Tigger on” is, something else should be added apart from what I have. Finally, for this to be activated, should some additional action be carried out or would it already work once saved? Thank you very much.

  1. your condition a top must be on minute and not week day, you want to check every minute if the time have changed else it will start once a day at midnight only once a day
  2. yout action , if you change a boolean value(on-off, true false) you may need to use a checkbox instead
  3. not sure how your sirena work, but you never set it to off just something to think about
    4)the reste seem good to me for the image quality i have and are able to see!!!

1 As for this part, I suppose it will refer to this:

2 In this part I don’t know if it would be correct or where the red circle is, I should put something else. As for this part I don’t understand what you mean( yout action , if you change a boolean value(on-off, true false) you may need to use a checkbox instead )

3 As for the operation of the siren, I leave it here as I have it discharged.

4 Once this is completed, it should be executed automatically every minute, right?

  1. should be DateTime Minutes (and not action minute)
  2. i personnaly rarely use it i prefere to set my condition in the body since i often call macro from macro, but you could if you prefere add all your condition here
  3. for the siren you should use a boolean box(checkbox) instead of text
  4. right once it will be right set, it will check every minute if the condition are right.

also how many time did you plan to keep your siren on? because as i see, you turn it on but never off so i should guess you turn it off manually?

Okay, I’ll pass you the data in parts to see if you all understood it correctly.

1 Regarding the change of the action, I suppose you would mean that it has to be like this:

2 ok as for this option, I only commented on it in case it was mandatory for me to have something, if not, I will leave it empty

3 in the case of the siera I suppose that you would refer to this field in this way:

4 As for the time the siren turns off, I guess it should be automatic, since I have it as a pulse, I’ll pass you how it’s configured to see what you think about it or should I change something.

On the other hand, I am going to pass you the complete macro so that you can see how it turned out and if it is correct.

a greeting.

I have noticed that when I save and access again this part has changed. Before closing it like this:

After closing and reopening it looks like this:

I don’t know why the minutes value is removed. I don’t know if it’s correct either.

This is the trigger


A perfect value, then making this change should work the condition without problems, right?

Should work after that!

I’ve been running some tests and everything seems to be working fine. Thank you very much for the help you have given me, I owe you one.

A query, regarding the MACROS, could there be a delay of about 20 seconds in activating the siren from the exact time of the condition? For example I have clo to ring at 5:57, but it rings at 5:57:20. Thank you very much.

The gateway could take some time to process the macros and stuff,

Then there would be no way to correct in the 20 seconds difference?

i have no idea at this point, i’ll hope someone else can help on that

don’t know anything about what’s going on internally, but could the addon “poll” every nn (20?) seconds rather than registering to obtain a real-time clock-based event?

The truth is that I don’t know, the problem is that this is a siren for work shifts, and when it sounds, 20 seconds have already passed. So it would be nice to find some solution to rectify this 15-20 second delay. Thank you very much.