Weekly UK Community Call [Wednesday 19 December 2018]

Today’s call happened. Yay! Topics of discussion were:

  • Firefox Support Sprint (we’ll participate June 3-9)
  • What supporting general users is really like
  • Android virtualisation needs - for me that sounded like a Snap instance of Android Studio
  • The mysterious testing tool :sparkler:
  • UK Community Picnic (June 2)
  • Why I had to cancel May 26 Mozcoffee
  • Onboarding contributors
  • Mentoring program
  • New cookies option in Nightly
  • 2FA in Firefox user accounts
  • Emerging Tech projects
  • Mobile GeckoView
  • All-hands
  • Mozfest onboarding meets content

I was a little short on time to cover last week’s call. Apologies for anyone inconvenienced by this!

Thursday June 28th call will be going ahead as planned.

  • Link to Zoom from 7pm [deleted zoom link] (Desktop, iOS, Android)
  • To join via a phone dial +44 203 695 0088 and meeting ID: 851 320 458#
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Another weekly call in the bag. Quite a chunky review of a ton of projects, Mozcoffee, Mozfest, testing android apps, onboarding new contributors, Ada Lovelace Day, Privacy Lab, UK events, and more. It was a good one. This next week has even more not listed there. Plenty of opportunties for you to get stuck in even if you’re new to us.

Thursday already! Another UK-wide community call TONIGHT from 7pm BST.

I’ll be trying something a little different tonight…

testing JITSI

Meet Jitsi uses WebRTC, and is free and open source (FOSS). Link to follow…

Meeting over ran and I could not get Jitsi camera to work. Defaulting to Zoom

Available the next 30 mins.

Trying Jitsi again tonight ftom 7pm UK time. [edit: this failed, link now deleted]

If that does not work for you, please message below in this thread and we’ll default back to Zoom: [deleted live link]

Test results on Jitsi:

  • again the video would not work
  • tested in Nightly it worked, came back 45 mins later it would not. Restart Fx and it connected at last.
  • poor resource use in Linux
    • seemed to work OK on my Arch but an HTOP saw all 4 cores running at about 90% with one thread running at 140%
    • on Seburo’s Linux box you could hear the fans running like it was going to crash any second
  • defaulted back to Zoom
    • it uses around 50% less resources on both our laptops

I will be testing Vidyo WebRTC on another call in a couple of weeks at last. Will be interesting to see how they manage to implement the APIs. Having worked on the MDN web docs for WebRTC I can appreciate how complex that ecosystem is.

For now I don’t feel Jitsi is right even for our small group. We’ll likely use Zoom next time unless someone comes up with a better solution to the problem.

Thursday July 26 call has been cancelled.

Weekly meeting scheduled for 7pm tonight. Maximum of an hour.

Weekly meeting about to start. I was going to have to cut it to 30 mins but it can go longer if necessary.

Jump on in if you have something to share with the UK community!

Sorry for the late start. A busy afternoon. Open UK Community call is now live, for anyone looking to chat about their efforts with Mozilla and the Open Web movement. It’s often not a big number of people connecting so feel warmly invited to participate.

CALL NOW CLOSED [live link deleted]

Weekly meeting now getting started for anyone wishing to join us.
{link removed}

that same link for the call happening right now (Aug 30)

I have to cancel tonight’s call folks I’m sorry. Catch you next week… Thursday September 13.

Tonight’s call now live well it was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Watch every Thursday for the link.

UK Community call getting started if you’d like to join us. Open call to talk about all UK Mozillian’s goings on.
[call link removed]

See you all again next Thursday, September 27 at 19:00 BST

Seriously where on earth did that week go?? I’m here to rock out another weekly UK Community open call from 19:00 BST.

{link removed}

see you next week!

There will NOT be a UK Community Call during the week of MozFest.

…and there will not be a UK Community call the week AFTER MozFest either. We’re mostly quite tired. Well I am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let’s chat November 8.

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