Welcome metrics!

Hello Reps,

We are happy to announce that we have just shipped the first iteration of the metrics dashboard at Reps Portal.

The dashboard goal is to present the most important information about the Reps program in a summarized way. We hope that this will help understand better the program activity, specially for Council and mentors to be more effective in their plans. This is the first iteration and doesn’t provide all the insights, but we wanted to show you already what we know about number of Reps, events and activities over the last weeks.

This dashboard is a work in progress that would evolve to show more relevant information and that will help us to understand better the program and identify trends, opportunities and challenges.

We would love to get your feedback! Why don’t you try the dashboard and let us know if you found what you were looking for, if it told you something new and more importantly: what is it still missing?

Curious about the technical implementation? Check Pierros’ blog post about it.


Great work! I have three questions:

  1. Am I the only one who expected “Latest week” to be “Last 7 days” instead of “Current week”?

  2. What exactly is counted as “Activity”? For Switzerland it shows 7 activities, and I can’t see how that is counted :smile:

  1. Events are only counted if they’re organized by Mozilla and not “Mozilla Presence”, right? Otherwise Switzerland should show 3 instead of 2.

And finally a few ideas that came to mind:

  • Hovering over a certain period could also show specifics in a small overlay (but this would probably only work with a small total number)
  • Add a legend to explain the different colors for the “Reps” part
  • If “Mozilla Presence” would be added, we could use two different colors to show the ratio
  • Regarding the growth percent value: would it make more sense to compare it to the same period of the last quarter instead of the total? Let’s say, comparing 1-27 April to 1-27 January inststead of 1-27 April compared to 1 January - 31 March. Then we wouldn’t start at -100% at the beginning of a new quarter which might boost the motiviation. The same would apply to the weekly metrics.

Once again, great work, let’s build on that :+1:

True. Ping @pierros to check all your feedback.

Reports and events that are located in the country.

Yes, that’s right. Do you think that makes sense?