When is Mozilla Going to Make a Definitive Statement on Manifest V3?

As we are all aware, Google is deprecating certain APIs so that they can shove more ads down our throat protect user privacy.

It doesn’t effect my silly little addon, but it does effect things like Ad Block Plus, NoScript, etc., which are crucial to my web browsing.

The closest that I can Google to a statement from Mozilla is that they are looking at this.

Seeing as how the Chrome beta will be rolling out this atrocity feature in late July, it does seem to me that Mozilla really needs to (at the very least) make a statement about WHEN they will make a statement.

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This is the most relevant thread here on Discourse:

I am aware of the thread, and there is not even a timeline as to when Mozilla will issue a preliminary statement.

At some point, they need to sh%$ or get off the pot.

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for (or maybe you stopped waiting):