Where should I go to contribute new sentences?

(Luc Salommez) #1

Hello everyone,

I recently came back from vacation and wanted to contribute for the French language as before.
I then have been surprised to find only postal adresses to read, and I won’t lie to you, it is a bit boring and I would like more diversity in the sentences.

Which is why is told myself that it was up to me to propose new sentences.
I then wrote new sentences (only 51 yet but hey, it’s a start) and I tried to get back to this website to upload them : https://voice-sprint.mozilla.community/

It happens that submissions are now closed, so I now wonder :
Where should I go to contribute sentences ?

I thought about doing a pull request but I don’t think it would be nice for you to spend time merging each time a person wants to contribute some sentences.

Thank you for you time, I really appreciate your work :slight_smile:,


(Lissyx) #2

We have way much more data than that: https://github.com/mozilla/voice-web/tree/master/server/data/fr

If you have material to contribute, just do a PR :). This is suboptimal as you said, but the team is working on tooling to improve the workflow. In the mean time, for french, we work with tooling to extract dataset (and make them straight, dealing with numbers etc.) and push them as a PR. Feel free to join: https://github.com/mozfr/besogne/wiki/Common-Voice-Fr

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(Rubén Martín [away until April 24th]) #3

Please keep this efforts collecting sentences under public domain, as soon as we have our sentence collection tool ready we should be able use it to submit, validate and review them so they can be incorporated in the database.


(Rubén Martín [away until April 24th]) #4

I’ve created this topic to centralize questions