Why has "Delete Mail marked as Junk" been made harder to access?

I’m just a plain old T’bird user (who retired from software development about 15 years ago.) Apart from “Write” and two flavors of “Reply”, I think the function I use most often is “Delete Mail Marked As Junk in Folder.” IMHO it deserves an icon in the main toolbar. Instead, an “upgrade” in August seems to have buried it two layers down in the menu that’s only reachable via the three-line “Other Stuff” icon at the far right.
I humbly submit that this change is not an improvement.
Is there any way to put that function up on the toolbar? BTW I have no use at all for “Chat”, which seems to have taken its place.
Thank you for all of your hard work.

I’m testing 78.3.0 and see “Delete Mail Marked as Junk in Folder” from the Tools drop-down in the Menu bar. No need to use the Menu button if you have the Menu bar enabled.

Thank you! So I must previously have had the Menu bar enabled, yes? If so, I guess my question should have been, why or how did the 78.3.0 upgrade strong textdisstrong textable the menu bar? And, how do I (re-)enable it?

Okay, so within “Options” I did find that “Menu Bar” was unchecked, and (re-)checked it. Now I do have a Menu Bar, but it doesn’t offer “Tools”. It has a thumbtack, “Unread”, “Starred”, “Contact”, “Tags”, and “Attachment” - but no “Tools” dropdown.

That’s the Quick Filter Bar. The Alt key toggles the Menu Bar with Tools, and ‘Delete Mail…’ is there in 78.2.2.

Got it at last! A thousand thanks to each very patient person who has helped me, and gently refrained from making me feel even more “dense” than I was doing all myself.
I think it’s worth asking how/why upgrading to 78.x disabled the toolbar that I had become accustomed to using, but if nobody else has reported a similar problem, that question can safely be put to rest.
Thanks again,

Because the developers think it takes up valuable space and want users to use the three line Menu button aka the Hamburger button. So it is now disabled by default.

There was a time when you had to use the Menu bar because some items were not in the Menu button, but that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.