I am a Firefox Release Manager since 2018.

I started getting involved in Mozilla in 2001 as part of the Netscape Champions program creating documentation and ending our first end users with Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Suite.

I later got involved in our early Web Compat initiative

I participated in the creation of Mozilla Europe and built European marketing and localization communities for Firefox in the early 2000s.

I was also the Mozilla Spokeperson for Spain for a few years and helped organized our early participation to FOSDEM and multiple open source events in France and Spain.

I founded or helped founded several community sites for the French and Spanish communities (FrenchMozilla, MozFr, MozillaES, Mozilla-Hispano). I am still maintaining with French volunteers.

From 2002 to 2016 I worked on creating a localization community from scratch as Mozilla websites and software were only available in English. I helped getting Firefox,, multiple marketing sites and official extensions translated in 80+ languages with hundreds of volunteer translators recruited across the globe. I was also the tech lead for a QA tool used by localizers called Transvision (an equivalent of searchfox but for translators).

In 2016, I created the Firefox Nightly channel Reboot program so as to improve our release quality from the earliest stages with the help of our core community. Follow us on

In 2021, I started promoting our Beta channel so as to further improve the quality of the feedback we get from our pre-release channels. Follow us on

You can reach me on Twitter