Well, for starters I've no clue whatsoever on how are those Mick Taylor images as my profile backgrounds showing up because of my custom CSS here smile but well, in spite of 'em, I'm not him - we just share a birthday and he's my favorite guitarist wink

Ahem, well, haha, I'm Willie. but you can call me Wills, William, Willy, Willis, Lefty, Lefty Mac, Mac, McGarnigle, and so on and so forth - that's a nickname a few good friends of mine gave me with affection ("Lefty" comes from the fact that I've suffered an accident in my right arm and have a handicapped hand - it would seem mean, but they didn't mean any harm, plus I'm a boxer, so I guess you can put two and two and see where it all comes from.

As for McGarnigle, I've had - just lost touch with them, we are still friends as far as I'm concerned - two common friends in multiple IRC chat rooms so I've no clue really. Maybe it's the Simpsons guy, maybe it comes out of nowhere.

After a really rough patch through eight months I'm now here, as a Mozillian, filing bugs and helping to solve them, getting my feet wet again on stuff I've been away from jeez...years...five I guess?

So yeah, I know a bit of HTML, CSS, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, basic Java, and UNIX/Linux stuff, but first and foremost I am a musician. A retired one, after all I can't play my alto and baritone saxophones nor my bass nor my guitar anymore, and too many packs of Luckies a day plus screaming for 20 years plus took the best out of my voice.

I'm also a music/sound producer, mixer/engineer and I work a lot with surround sound and sound restoring and mastering. Two guesses on which program I use, heh heh...

The reason I became a Mozillian in the first place was that one thing led to another - in an attempt to solve the much maligned Flash player problem that plagues Firefox since the inception of the Australis UI, I tried as hard as I could but I couldn't, and still can't find a browser that suits me better than Firefox. Being a proud user since December 2004, I guess you can tell I've been around with it for quite a bit... so I became involved, and the rest is history.

So that's it. Musical tastes; Beatles, the first sounds I've heard since I became aware of myself and taught myself alone to speak and read English to know what they were saying in their lyrics. a lot of jazz (my favorite saxophonists being Lester Young, Johnny Hodges, Gerry Mulligan, Ian Underwood and Bobby Keys), the Rolling Stones, obviously, Frank Zappa and especially the original Mothers Of Invention, The Beach Boys, and Ăˆliane Radigue, a woman that I've never heard anyone do things more fantastic with a 1969 ARP 2500 than her. Oh, and of course, AC/DC - how can I forget them? Never.

Anything else you'd like to ask, feel free to do so; I'm making my email public so there's no problem on that department. And thank you all for accepting me here. smile