2018 H2 Research Grants (by November 9, 2018)

Funding amounts are set at $25,000 (including all expenses). As part of our commitment to diversity, we will fund childcare up to 10% of a grant (with a cap of $2500).

We particularly encourage applications from new faculty (in their first or second years). Funding is given as an unrestricted gift to the institution. We do not pay university overhead.

Applications must be affiliated with a university, research institute or research-focused registered non-profit, in any country except for those embargoed by the US State Department.

Complete your application by November 9, 2018.

We’re extending Mozilla’s own research into the following THREE topics:

  • Voice, language and speech : We are exploring text-to-speech to help people listen to the web. What sort of content is easy or good to listen to, and what content is hard or bad to listen to? What would a listenability score look like, and how would it work? How can we turn hard-to-listen-to content into easy-to-listen-to-content?

  • Web of Things : Mozilla’s Web of Things solution has been exploring the opportunity for an open, standards-based Internet of Things package for the home. What are people doing in their homes that needs the Internet of Things, and how do you know? What features are attractive to early-stage developers but won’t translate to a wider audience, and what features will engage a more mainstream audience despite the lack of interest from an early-adopter or maker community?

  • Core Web Technologies : Mozilla has been deeply involved in creating and releasing AV1, an open, royalty-free video encoding format. We are looking for someone to port the rate control model from Theora/Daala to AV1, and to explore how best to use novel AV1 features like alt-refs and frame super-resolution to optimize the result.

(A fourth topic - Mixed Reality - will be sourced from previously submitted H1 applications)

Please make sure you’ve read the FAQ before starting your application; and ask questions through that same page. In addition, we will have live online office hours in this Vidyo room on Wednesday, October 3rd at 17:00 UTC and Wednesday, October 17th at 02:00 UTC.

Applications closing date has been extended from November 1, to November 9.

Congratulations to all grant recipients!!