2019 Mozilla Communities & Contributors Survey and State of the Rebel Alliance Report

I think this is a bug and should say “last” instead of “first”?

Edit: and if not, this is a duplicate question as there is also:

You’re right - It should say last. Thanks a lot for catching that - I modified. And thanks for taking the survey!

I was quite unsure when answering whether developing (Firefox) WebExtensions also counts as contributing (especially as they are often available for other browsers, too), If so, answers may be very different. (But on the other hand, one could often select “WebExtensions” or so there.)

Also some questions were somehow asked twice (like what you contributed and when was your first contribution IIRC). I am not sure whether this was intended.

Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to send us feedback! On your second point - yes, it was intended like this. We had run a very similar survey 1.5 years ago and would like to be able to understand how contribution changed during the period between this year’s survey and 2017 - that’s why you saw questions like where did you contribute to Mozilla in general vs where did you contribute to Mozilla in the last year.


When does the survey close?

Hey, May 3rd. Thanks!

@leo We might want to have this as a discourse banner until May 3rd.


I was linked to the survey from BMO. I filled it in, but I was surprised there was no way to point out that I am (currently) paid to work fulltime on a Mozilla project (Firefox, in my case). I used to be a volunteer, and I still subscribe to the broad definition of “contributor” (ie, everyone who contributes anything to Mozilla is a contributor, and some of them are volunteers and some are employees (some MoCo, some others like Red Hat or whatever)). I don’t know if that’s my mistake and if I missed that we decided those definitions no longer made sense, or if it was an oversight that there was no way to indicate anything about this, or something else, but I figured I’d flag it up.

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Gjis: that appears to be the very first question on the survey. Unless they just fixed that in the last 4 hours.

And if you answer that you’re an employee it says “thanks for participating” and you’re done. Guess they mostly want to hear from non-employees.

Hello Gjis and justdave,

Thank you both for your input!

Indeed, through this survey we want to hear from our non paid contributors - that’s why the first question has that logic applied.

Gjis, from your description you are currently a paid Mozilla employee , hence, if you selected that option, it’s expected behavior for you to land directly at the end of the survey. Hope my answer clarifies things.


Well, more fool me - I read the first answer, the second answer, and then assumed the answers were sorted and so selected the first answer without reading the rest of the list…

It’s not clear what “contribute” means, so I’m stuck on the first question. I’ve never contributed code in any way. I’ve “contributed” bug reports, forum replies, survey answers, etc.


‘Contribution’ doesn’t refer only to code contributions, but to any type of input - bug reports, forum replies, localization, writing articles etc.
I hope this clarifies and thank you for taking this survey!:slight_smile:


Thanks Hermina. That makes sense. I took the survey and the rest of the questions reflected a variety of types of contributions.

I’d love to answer this survey!!! So please contact me whenever it’s available!!!
My IT company in Surat will contact soon.


And thanks for this! The survey is still open and you can take it here:

My primary concern is that Mozilla would never abandon majority of contributing developers, as it did when changing its API (from XUL).

To me, Mozilla lost most of its credibility after that. I will spread the link with survey, but if that habit of just leaving the developers in the dark goes on, you will have hard time building really long-living friendly relations with third party developers.

Interestingly I just got a banner today (May 10th) about the survey that closed last week (May 3).