3rd party sync support

I hope this is the right place to bring this up.

Are there any movements for a web standard for syncing browser data (passwords, bookmarks, history, settings). Maybe this already exists and I’m just uninformed?

As it is, AFAIK, Firefox/Mozilla, Chrome/Google, Safari/Apple, Edge/Microsoft each have their own walled silos. If you want to sync your browser data you have to choose which of those 4 companies you want to have your data.

It seems like it would be nice if what service holds my data was separate from which browser I use so if each browser had an advanced setting, sync.endpoint.url that I could type in some 3rd party URL and as long as it spoke some “sync standard” it would work.

Is that something there is any on going work for?

Note that I get that most settings are browser respecific but passwords, bookmarks, recent tabs, history, there could certainly be a standard for . Settings could be a few that might be easy to standardize and then some custom json blob for everything else. Extensions also want to sync per extension blobs (like syncing ublock origin settings).

Anyone know of anything happening in that direction? I’m tired of having to give my data to 3rd parties if I want sync. Even if I mostly trust those 3rd parties.

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