4 month waiting in the validation queue

addon uuid : libertyisland@johndegey.org

The current approved version of my add-on is 0.20.1. It needs to be updated to 0.20.4. Previous update (version 0.20.3) is still under the approval process…for 4 months already.
Is that true that updating to a new version will reset my position in the queue? If so, this is completly inacceptable…
This seems to be noted as a bug for almost 3 years…
I don’t really understand the position of Mozilla right here…

Is there a complete abandon for the developers community ?
Is this working on a friendship basis ? I know a guy who knows a guy… so my add-on can be validated ???

Maybe a good soul can point me to the right way…
What’s next ?
Should I wait another couple of months to have a return on a already dead version (0.20.3) and pray not for waiting another year for the next one. It looks ike a dead end validation circle ??

John, quiet dissapointed by Mozilla policy for the past year…

Uploading a new file will reset your position in the queue. The queue is currently pretty long, but 4 months is too long. The latest blog says updates are mostly taking less than 7 weeks, but I know some are taking longer. Initial full reviews take longer. Seems like it is time to ping Jorge and see if they can’t go directly to your new version and skip the one in the queue. Quite possibly he’ll see this post and chime in.

What is your queue position, btw?

It’ in position 20 right now, was 25 two weeks ago…
I don’t know if I should ask a full review or let it in the partial review
But ok, i will wait to have a confirmation that i can upload the new version and that this new one will be checked…


If you type @jorgev, he’ll receive an actually ping from Discource.

Did you us js-ctypes in your addon? Whats link to your addon on AMO?

We’ve had a rough few months where the add-on submissions have been significantly more than we can handle. We are slowly crawling out of that hole and we’re staffing up in order to avoid such problems in the future. I’m sorry your add-on got caught up in this. There are many others in the same situation, and we hope than in the coming weeks we will deal with all of them.

@noitidart : no use of js-ctypes.
Here is the link : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/liberty-island

@jorgev Thanks for the validation.
i’ve just updated to the new 0.20.4

Change in browserOverlay.js
I have renamed private function : prefix with _
and real changes on lines 2713, 2907 (regexp) , 2913, 2914, 2917 and 2919

Change in preferences.js : add some at the end.

Could you validate this version ?



@jorgev : thank you for your work.
I really hope that the team will have more ressources

Thanks again